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Insurance CV Sample CV

Insurance CV Sample CV


Javed Iqbal

Museum Road, Taxila
Telephone No: +92-0000-0000000
Email id :  xyz@gmail.com
To obtain a responsible role as an insurance officer sales with the capability to deliver best customer service, impressive persuasion power and energetic attitude.
Fine Insurance Co., Gujrat, Punjab

Insurance Officer Sales, year______

Responsible for the coordination and supervision of the activities of branch office and review the activities to make sure that individual have achieved the sales quotes credit collections and processed claims. Prepared work and activity reports with the interpretation, implementation and enforce company policies, strategies and procedures. Planed and developed the strategies of company to increase the sales and purchase rate, obtain greater efficiency and profit and lower the cost and avoid possible loss in business. Responsibilities also include interview, hiring, coordinating, commanding and training workers for process insurance claims, selling insurance and increase insurance charm to population.

Easy Life Insurance Co., I-9 Islamabad
Assistant Officer Sales, year_________

Assistant officer sales responsibilities include the assisting the manager with the preparation and submission of the activity work reports and documents. Under the command and assistance of the manager, direct the activities of the branch office and ensure the activities of the sales executives. Maintained confidentiality, reliability and validity of the company’s or individual’s information. Processed paperwork to corporate office, performed data entry and processed computer information.

Easy Life Insurance Co., Blue Area, Islamabad
Sales Supervisor, year________

Responsibilities include coordination of activities and function of the head office with the implementation and recommendation of the strategies, plans and procedures. Ensure the collection of sufficient, appropriate and accurate insurance information. Maintained the collection ratio, effective communication and account receivable of individual. Demonstrated the customer services.


University of Punjab, Punjab
Bachelor of Business Administration


Mr. Ahmad Jahanjir
Fine Insurance Co., Blue Area, Islamabad

Like people, professions have peculiarities, aspects or features. These features provide significant clues about the nature of work and the work environment, and offer you the opportunity to match your individual/personal interests and abilities to the specific profession.

When you select a job in the profession that is equivalent to or matches with your own interests you have taken the important step in deciding the appropriate, successful and the rewarding career. The profession of Insurance Manager has the characteristics as given below:

Conventional: These occupations often involve following set processes and routines. These can consists working with information and details further than with ideas

Social: Social occupations often include working with, corresponding with, coordinating  and training people. Social occupations mostly involve assisting or offering services to others

Enterprising: Enterprising occupations often involve opening and carrying out the projects. Such occupations can include most important people and making several decisions, plans and strategies. Sometimes they need risk takings and deals with businesses.

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