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5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case

Iphone 14 ro Max Cases

The iPhone 14 series is pricey and boasts amazing features. One of them, its water resistance, may persuade you to spend more time underwater. And you want to spend more time capturing underwater pictures and films without worrying about damaging your ports, am I right? The top waterproof covers for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are listed below. These cases shield your device from scratches, bumps, and drops in addition to water damage.

  1. Ghostek
  2. AICase
  3. Ezanmull
  5. Tedman
  6. YOGRE
  7. Protebox

1. Ghostek NAUTICAL – Editor’s choice

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

Your go-to for the whole iPhone 14 series is the Ghostek Nautical. The back of the cases has a non-slip grip and is snugly fitted. It is MagSafe compliant despite its substantial protection gear. Additionally, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 14 while wearing the case.

Yet having a blend of polycarbonate, rubber, and thermoplastic materials, the Ghostek Nautical case is quite lightweight despite having a rugged appearance. The case sports raised edges on the camera lens cover and screen protection. Additionally, it has undergone shockproof testing and is said to be able to protect your iPhone 14 from falls of more than three metres in height.

This one has a dustproof function and is also waterproof and IP68-certified. You’ll enjoy the Ghostek Nautical case’s fine detail as well. As far as we can determine, there would be no interference with operation because of the clean carvings around ports and apertures.

2. AICase waterproof case – Toughness personified

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

The AICase company has a history of producing durable phone cases, but this latest version is stronger by more than two times. The case is made of military-grade thermoplastic polyurethane, which can shield your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro from shocks caused by falls up to three metres high.

To maintain a secure grasp on your wallet and phone mount, the waterproof iPhone 14 case from AICase has a magnetic component on the rear cover. It also supports MagSafe wireless charging, which is extremely quick and dependable because to the magnetic component. Additionally, you may connect your battery pack to the MagSafe symbol on the rear if you need more power while you’re on the road.

Additionally, this set includes a sensitive HD screen protection. So you have complete protection in addition to waterproof and dustproof capabilities that have earned IP68 certification. The AICase has been tested to endure 30 minutes at a maximum underwater depth of 3 metres. It’s also important to note that the raised edges around the camera area have lens covers and are as high as 0.5mm, increasing their shockproofing ability.

3. Ezanmull cover – IPX8-certified waterproof

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

If you want to give your iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro more beauty, the Ezanmull case is a great option. Thermoplastic polyurethane makes up the whole body. Additionally, this one includes firm raised borders around the camera protection in addition to an integrated HD-supporting screen protector.

You may dive for an hour at a depth of up to two metres because it is waterproof. Since this is just IPX8-certified, you could choose another alternative if you desire a dustproof feature. Wireless charging with Qi and MagSafe is supported, and the case features a transparent back.

Since the clear back of the Ezanmull cover shows off your iPhone 14 in all its beauty, you may bend your iPhone 14. Despite its strength as a protector, it is lightweight to handle.

4. SPIDERCASE waterproof case – Slimmest

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

The thin Spidercase waterproof case for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro offers 360-degree protection. To increase its ability to withstand shock, the interior of the casing is coated with polycarbonate and made entirely of polyurethane. A 9H HD tempered glass screen protector is also included, which doesn’t lessen screen sensitivity.

And if you choose to cover your back, no problem. By covering the rear case with a rubber substance, the Spidercase case barely alters it. However, the iPhone’s splendour is still visible via the empty space on the rear.

Finally, as you surf tidal water, take underwater photos, or create underwater recordings, your iPhone 14 receives complete safety. The casing has MIL-STD certification as well. As a result, it is both dust and shockproof. This can resist falls up to 3.7 metres tall, according to test results.

5. Temdan waterproof case – Best screen cover

5 Best iphone 14 Pro Max Waterproof Case in 2022

One more 360-degree cover is the Temdan waterproof case. Tempered glass with a 0.33mm thickness and 9H HD picture quality is included, along with a camera cover to shield the lens. Although we anticipated that this thickness would affect the screen’s responsiveness, we were pleasantly pleased. Because it is made of military-grade polycarbonate, the whole body is solid.
Additionally, the case has a transparent back cover that displays your iPhone’s beauty while still providing full compatibility for MagSafe and Qi wireless charging. This Temdan case, like the most of the cases we’ve already discussed, is IP68-certified and water resistant to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes. Despite being less than anticipated, this depth is still perfect for the majority of aquatic activities. Additionally shockproof, dustproof, and able to endure falls up to 3.6 metres high, it has undergone extensive fall testing.

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