A Cricket Match English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download

A Cricket Match English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download


“What I know most surely about morality and the duty of man, I owe it to sport.”

(Albert Camus)

Sports and games are, beyond any doubt, as vital as breathing, eating, drinking and living a good life. Games and sports help man grow both physically and mentally as they offer and provide healthy activities. An old saying goes:

“A healthy body has a healthy mind.”

This saying proves the importance of sports activities. Games and sports also build character and develop personality. It is rightly said:

“Almost every normal man desires to be proficient in one sport or another.”

It is a proven fact that the games and sports are very important for human health. They build our body and develop our mind. They give ample exercise to our muscles. In this way, they make our body strong and prevent us from getting unhealthy fats. They refresh our mind and give us sufficient amusement. After a day’s hard work, man feels tired and exhausted. He needs rest. He plays the game in order to refresh his mind. Games and sports remove the boredom of life and make him fit tor the next day’s work. Above all, the sports and games develop a sense of responsibility and sportsman spirit which are two basic traits of a sound character. According to Doug Williams:

“Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability

to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.”

In our country, the games can be divided into two groups, the outdoor games and indoor games. The outdoor games include cricket, hockey and football. In our country, cricket is much more popular than other games. During the days of cricket matches, everybody talks about it. The cricket matches are seen and watched by everybody with great interest. The cricket stars are discussed everywhere. There is a great excitement and thrill in the entire population of the country. Famous Thomas Moult, in his book “Bat and Ball” writes:

Cricket is a wonderful pastime; it has ripened sweetly, it has endured nobly.”

Games are part and parcel of a student’s life. Matches between colleges are very thrilling and very popular among college students. I have played and seen many matches but I can never forget the final match of Inter-College championship between our College and ABC College. This match was a clear proof of the famous saying by Sunil Gavaskar, the cricket icon:

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our


Cricket is the most popular game in our college. Not only the students but also the teachers like cricket. They never miss a chance to enjoy a cricket match. Our college and ABC College are rivals, just like Pakistan and India, therefore, any match between these two colleges is always worth watching.

Early in the morning, the students reached the city club ground. This match was much more exciting because it was the final match of the tournament. The students were carrying colorful banners, posters, and some musical, instruments.

At 9 o’clock the teams entered the ground. The whole ground was echoing with the slogans raised by the supporters of both teams. The players and the two umpires were in uniform. Our captain won the toss − and decided to bat first. Our openers Saeed and Shahid played aggressively

and in the first fifteen overs, they scored 100 runs. Our students were very happy. The opening batsmen proved that:

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

Whenever a boundary was hit, the boys of our college made a great noise. Soon the captain Of ABC College brought spinners into the attack. The spinners controlled the scores and got some quick wickets. At the loss of every wicket, our hearts throbbed with anxiety. After twenty-five overs our score was 135 for four wickets: Our middle order batsmen played very well. At the end of our allotted forty overs, our team scored 225 runs for 8-wickets. It was a pretty good target. Then there was a forty-five-minute lunch break. I was thinking that:

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

After the lunch break ABC College’s team started batting. Our opening bowlers bowled-very well. In the third over, Wasim got the wicket. The next batsman was very good. He hit three boundaries in quick time. But our bowlers got wickets regularly. In the first fifteen overs ABC College team could score only 50 runs for 3 wickets. Our spinners were also good bowlers. ABC College steadily chased the target. The last five overs were very thrilling. ABC College needed 45 scores and their three batsmen were still to bat.

“Behind the stillness of every viewer was a heart pounding hard.”

Our captain brought the quickest bowler back. Shoaib got two wickets in one over and turned the situation. Wasim bowled a maiden over and got a huge shoutout from everybody in the ground. In the last over, ABC College required ten runs to win. Wasim was the bowler. The first two balls could not be scored. On the third ball the batsman hit a six. The anxiety on both sides was at its peak. The hearts were beating fast. The lips were chanting prayers. Those few moments seemed to be the matter of life and death for both teams. But in next three balls Wasim got three wickets. He did hat trick. It was also the hat trick of our victories. We won the match and the championship for the third consecutive year. We were very happy. It was really one of the most wonderful days of my life.

“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone


The spectators gave us standing ovation. Our college flags were fluttering everywhere while we sang and danced. In that match, our team proved that:

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”

I firmly believe that such sports activities play a vital role in creating a healthy society. They are an expression of players’ stamina, athleticism, sportsman spirit and self-control. Besides, sports are great fun for players as well as spectators. This match was an evidence of such ideals.

No doubt such days are rare and unforgettable. I still relish the memories of that wonderful match. I shall never forget the joys it provided. All in all, it added a beautiful day to my life.

“Good memories are like charms. Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day

you look back and discover they make a long, colorful bracelet.”

(James Patterson)

Muhammad Shahzaib Arshad

Class: I 2-10