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JhangTV.com is a premier online news platform providing real-time and in-depth coverage of the latest news and events happening in Pakistan. Our team of experienced journalists and reporters are dedicated to bringing you the most accurate and up-to-date news, so you can stay informed and make informed decisions.

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JhangTV.com was founded in [2013] with the aim of providing Pakistanis with access to reliable and unbiased news. Our mission is to deliver accurate and impartial information to our readers, so they can stay informed and engaged in the issues that matter to them.


At JhangTV.com, we believe in the power of journalism to bring about positive change. We are committed to providing our readers with fair, balanced, and independent news coverage, free from political and commercial influence. Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and delivering news with accuracy, impartiality, and integrity.

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Muhammad Adeel

CEO Jhangtv.com

Mr. Muhammad Adeel is a commerce graduate from Punjab University Lahore belongs to District Jhang of Punjab province of Pakistan.

CEO of Jhangtv.com is an energized blogger and also a youtuber as well as a news reporter on web desk articles at this website.

You can get in touch with him on social media.

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