Babar Azam on the team’s attitude before the T20 World Cup final.

Babar Azam on the team's attitude before the T20 World Cup final.

The team green will try to maintain its winning streak against England in the T20 World Cup championship game on Sunday, according to Pakistani captain Babar Azam, who also said that the players are not anxious but rather thrilled for the major event.

After losing two games against India and Zimbabwe, Pakistan recovered and won four straight matches, giving the squad confidence.

Before the Men in Green Shirts’ winning streak reached new heights when they overcame New Zealand in the semifinal match, they first defeated the Netherlands, South Africa, and Bangladesh in quick succession.

Pakistan defeated the New Zealanders by seven wickets on Wednesday to advance to the Sunday final at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

At a news conference in Melbouren, Babar Azam expressed certainty that his squad will triumph in the championship game.

The 28-year-old also admitted that Pakistan will need to exercise caution in the Final to avoid neutralising their opponent’s advantages.

The 28-year-old claimed that England has excellent fast bowlers and hitters, therefore Pakistan will need to be at their very best to carry out their strategies.

He promised that the Pakistani team would do everything in its power to please the supporters.

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, gave his team a pep talk a day earlier in Melbourne, telling them that victory is the finest form of retaliation.

He made the comments in reference to the team’s criticism after their first two matches against India and Zimbabwe ended in defeat.

Raja urged the players to respond to the criticism with their performance rather than worrying about it.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former captain, had given the players advice to enjoy the game rather than stress about their performances, he recalled, 30 years after Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup in Melbourne.

The team was instructed by the PCB leader to enter the field on Sunday with assurance and a commanding demeanour.

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