Beaconhouse hosts the 15th Annual ‘School of Tomorrow’ Conference, titled ‘Guardians of the Future.’

Beaconhouse hosts the 15th Annual ‘School of Tomorrow’ Conference, titled ‘Guardians of the Future.’

Beaconhouse hosts the 15th Annual 'School of Tomorrow' Conference, titled 'Guardians of the Future.'

Beaconhouse hosts the 15th Annual ‘School of Tomorrow’ Conference, titled ‘Guardians of the Future.’

On the day of the organization’s 47th anniversary, Beaconhouse, the country’s biggest network of private educational schools, opened the 15th edition of its flagship ‘School of Tomorrow’ (SOT) in the provincial capital on Friday.

The three-day event, themed “Guardians of the Future,” will bring together over 150 global and local thought leaders from various sectors such as education, development, healthcare, technology, and digital media for insightful panel discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to youth and varying factors affecting the general public.

Over the last four decades, Beaconhouse has been a dedicated champion for children’s rights, encouraging young people to be active participants in their learning and to be recognised as future guardians: the next generation of mentors and leaders within their families.

Continuing the story, the first on-ground SOT conference in four years features 40-plus sessions ranging from panel discussions on the future of education, the global economy, climate change, and technology to engaging interactions with thought leaders such as Jeffrey Archer (best-selling author), Dr Faisal Bari (Dean, LUMS School of Education), Ron Berger (Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education), Sean Covey (President, FranklinCovey Education), Sali (iconic Fashion Designer and TV Host).

“We are pleased to bring School of Tomorrow back to Lahore after 6 years – our XVth event since 2000!” remarked Kasim Kasuri, Event Chair and CEO of Beaconhouse, of the conference. SOT Events’ mission is to spark debates about the future of learning, climate change, technology, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, and inclusivity. The “Guardians of the Future” edition of SOT is dedicated to the youth, who are the true stewards of our future. We aspire to foster communities that value children’s rights, as well as globally-minded, critical thinkers who will not only be our leaders of tomorrow, but also contribute to making the world a more peaceful place for everyone – regardless of our differences.”

Classrooms of Tomorrow, an interactive space on the future of learning curated by Google and Beaconhouse EdTech, and Co-exist/Co-exit: the future was today, an immersive art experience curated by Rashid Rana and Risham Syed and presented by the School of Visual Arts & Design, Beaconhouse National University, will also be featured at the conference.

United Bank Limited (UBL) is the lead sponsor for SOT XV for the third year in a row, continuing its affiliation with SOT. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, UBL’s worldview is around making a positive and lasting impact on the communities in which it operates. As a result, this collaboration demonstrates UBL’s unwavering commitment to quality education and measures aimed at creating a more balanced and inclusive educational ecosystem.

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