Father quotes in urdu English

These quotes beautifully capture the essence of fatherhood and the love that fathers have for their children. Whether you are a father yourself or have a special father figure in your life, these quotes are sure to resonate with you.

  • “Baap jannat ka phool hai” – “A father is the flower of paradise.”
  • “Baap ki shan kisi pe nahi” – “No one can match the honor of a father.”
  • “Baap ki khushi khudai ki khushi” – “The happiness of a father is the happiness of God.”
  • “Baap bete ki wajah se marta hai” – “A father dies for the sake of his son.”

Fathers also play an important role in shaping their children’s values and beliefs. They teach their children the importance of honesty, hard work, and perseverance.

They instill a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that will serve their children well throughout their lives.

Missing quotes in urdu English

There are moments when my heart aches,
And my eyes fill with tears,
As I think about the words that you spoke,
In Urdu, my dear.

Your voice was like music,
Soft and gentle like a breeze,
And the words that you spoke,
Brought me comfort and ease.

But now you’re gone,
And your words are just a memory,
And though I try to move on,
It’s hard without your company.

I miss the way you spoke,
With passion and with love,
And the way you made me feel,
Like I was blessed from above.

So I hold onto those memories,
And the words that you spoke,
In Urdu and in English,
Till the day that we meet again, I hope.

Poetry for father death in urdu

How can we move on, when the one we love is gone?
Our hearts are heavy, our souls are weary, and our eyes are filled with tears.
We search for answers, for comfort, for a way to ease the pain.
But the truth is, there is no easy way to say goodbye to a father.

We remember his smile, his laughter, his wisdom, and his love.
We hold onto the memories, the moments we shared, and the lessons he taught us.
We know he will always be with us, guiding us, protecting us, and watching over us from above.

We find solace in the knowledge that he is now at peace, free from pain, and reunited with loved ones who have gone before him.
We celebrate his life, his legacy, and the impact he had on our lives.
We honor him by living our lives to the fullest, and by passing on his love, his kindness, and his wisdom to future generations.

We may never fully understand why he had to leave us so soon, but we can find comfort in the fact that he will always be a part of us.
Rest in peace, dear father, you will never be forgotten.

Golden words for father

Oh, father, your love is a golden light,
Guiding me through life’s darkest night.
Your words, so wise and full of care,
Forever in my heart they’ll bear.

You taught me to be strong and brave,
To never give up, to always behave.
Your guidance, a beacon in my life,
A compass through struggle and strife.

Your voice, a soothing balm to my soul,
When life’s troubles take their toll.
Your embrace, a shelter from life’s storm,
A safe haven, where I feel warm.

Golden words of wisdom you impart,
Forever etched in my grateful heart.
Your love, a treasure beyond compare,
A shining example, of how to care.

Oh, father, your legacy will live on,
In the hearts of those, you’ve shone upon.
Forever grateful, forever blessed,
Your golden words, an eternal quest.

Sad quotes about the father

Oh, how I miss you, my dear father,
My heart aches, for you I gather.
Your voice, now just a distant memory,
Your touch, a figment of my reverie.

Your absence, a gaping hole in my heart,
Tearing me apart, keeping us apart.
No words can describe the pain I feel,
The void left by your absence so real.

How I wish, for just one more embrace,
To feel your warmth, to see your face.
To hear your voice, and feel your hand,
To know that you still understand.

Alas, it’s just a dream, a fleeting thought,
In reality, your departure has brought,
A sadness that never truly fades,
A wound that always, always stays.

My dear father, though you’re gone,
Your love and guidance will live on,
Forever in my heart, your memory,
A beacon of hope, for eternity.

Death of Father quotes

When a father passes away, a piece of us shatters into a million tiny fragments. The memories we hold dear suddenly feel insufficient, unable to fill the gaping hole that his absence has left in our hearts. It’s as if a chapter in the book of our lives has abruptly come to an end, leaving us with an empty page that we must now fill with our own words.

But time, it seems, is not the ultimate remedy. Even as the years go by, the ache of his loss lingers on. We carry it with us, like a weighty burden, a constant reminder of the love that we have lost. And yet, through death, a father’s love still persists.

It endures, you see, in the lessons he taught us, in the values he instilled in us, and in the memories that we shared together. We can honor our fathers, not merely in life, but also in their passing, by living our own lives with the same vigor, bravery, and love that they exemplified.

So let us hold on to our memories of him, for they are the ties that bind us to our past, to our heritage, and to the love that we continue to feel. Let us carry his legacy forward, for it is a testament to the depth of his character and the force of his spirit.

Even though he is no longer here to guide us, his influence lives on, an enduring testament to the love of a father.

Dead father quotes

Oh, how I long to hear my father’s voice again, to feel his embrace, and to see his loving smile. Alas, he has departed from this world, leaving me with a deep ache in my heart and a void that cannot be filled.

But though he may be gone, his memory lives on within me. His wisdom and guidance continue to guide me, and his love sustains me through the darkest of times.

As I look upon the world, I cannot help but think of my dear departed father, and the many lessons he imparted to me. He taught me the value of hard work and perseverance and the importance of always striving to be a better person.

And though he may be gone, his words remain with me still. They echo in the depths of my soul, reminding me of his unwavering love and support. For even in death, my father remains my guiding light, a beacon of hope and inspiration that will never fade away.

So to you, my dear departed father, I say this: though you may be gone from this world, you will forever live on in my heart. Your memory will never fade, and your love will continue to sustain me until we meet again in the great beyond.

Father quotes in urdu

  • “Pita ki muhabbat ko kabhi mat bhoolna, wo tumhari zaat mein ghul kar tumhari rooh ko saaf kar deti hai.”
    This quote highlights the significance of a father’s love in a child’s life. It emphasizes that a father’s love has the power to purify a child’s soul and is an inseparable part of their being.
  • “Pita jaise dost, dushman nahi milte, aankhon mein aansu aur dil mein sukoon nahi milte.”
    This quote describes a father as a friend who is hard to find. A father brings tears to one’s eyes and peace to their heart, and such a friend cannot be found in anyone else.
  • “Pita ki duaaein tumhare saath hamesha hain, chahe wo dunya se chale gaye hon ya aasman ki bulandi par ho.”
    This quote emphasizes the idea that a father’s blessings are always with their child, even after they have left this world. The love and prayers of a father are eternal and continue to protect their child throughout their life.
  • “Pita ki muhabbat se khud ko mehfooz rakho, kyunki wo tumhara sira-e-rehmi hai.”
    This quote highlights the importance of a father’s love in protecting their child. A father’s love is like a shield that guards their child against harm and keeps them safe in all circumstances.
  • “Pita ki muhabbat ka koi maap nahi hai, wo lafzon se bayan nahi ho sakti, sirf mehsoos ki ja sakti hai.”

Baap quotes in urdu

  • “Baap ke liye jo beti hai, wo duniya ki sabse pyari aur lajawab khushi hai.”
  • “Baap ki muhabbat se barh kar koi muhabbat nahi hai, wo apni aankhon se dekh kar samajh leta hai ke uski beti kaise mehsoos kar rahi hai.”
  • “Baap beti ka rishta jannat ka rishta hota hai, jisey nibha kar aap dunya mein bhi jannat bana sakte hain.”
  • “Baap ki muhabbat beti ko aik roshni ki tarah chaar chaand lagati hai, aur beti ke liye wo duniya ki har roshni se behtar hoti hai.”
  • “Baap beti ki zindagi ka aik aisa tohfa hai, jo qeemati samaan se bhi ziyada qeemti hota hai.”

Missing dead father quotes in urdu text

“A father’s love is like a beacon in the night, guiding us through life’s tumultuous storms with unwavering light.”

“In the heart of every child lies a special place for their father, a place of security, love, and tender care.”

“A father’s love is a reflection of the divine, a glimpse of heaven on earth, a bond that lasts beyond time.”

“A father is not just a provider, but a protector, a mentor, a friend, a hero, and a guide who shapes our destiny.”

“A father’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those he leaves behind, a testament to the love, strength, and wisdom he instilled.”

Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu


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Missing Dead Father Quotes in English


Ghar par bap ki awaz bhi barhi naimat hai! Aur darwazey k bahir bap ka joton ka apna hi aik ruhb hai.

Baap k saye sy barhi dunya ma koi nehmat ni


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50+ Best Father Day Quotes in Urdu English Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu 50+ Best Father Day Quotes in Urdu English Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu 50+ Best Father Day Quotes in Urdu English Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu 50+ Best Father Day Quotes in Urdu English Missing Dead Father Quotes in Urdu

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Merey aanchal py bikhre hain hazaron rang chahat k, kabhi mamta, kabhi behna kabhi beti ki sorat ma. Father Quotes In Urdu

Dunya ki soch us waqt theek hu jae gi jab log mithayan baant kar kahen gy mery ghar beti hui hai.

Beti woh baagh ka phool hai, jo har baagh ma nahi khilta Allah har beti ka naseeb acha Karey.

Allah pak kuch dy ya na dy bus baap ka saya sar sy na uthaye.