Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women in Pakistan in 2022: Rolex Watch Prices

Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women in Pakistan in 2022: Rolex Watch Prices

Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women in Pakistan in 2022 Rolex Watch Prices

Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women in Pakistan in 2022: Rolex Watch Prices

In 2021, Rolex celebrated its 50th birthday. In 2022, when Rolex will have celebrated its golden jubilee, it’s expected to unveil some famous timepieces. This article summarises the iconic 2021 Rolex creations made by Rolex SA, a company that has been making high-end watches since 1908. It also analyses the new rolex watches price in pakistan 2022 projections. Due to the popularity of its Oyster Perpetual, Cellini, and Professional lines, Rolex provides the greatest watches for investment. Find out the cost of luxury Rolex watches for both men and women in Pakistan.

Submariner green in two tones (2022)

In order to update its renowned submariner watch, Rolex is most likely to introduce a two-tone green version. Since Rolex is known for its two-tone timepieces, this green bezel submariner is sure to draw attention with its chic new look.


Oyster perpetual explorer II- 226570 (2021)

With its PVD black coating, the explorer 2021 model strikes an excellent mix between Rolex traits. The black liquor hands of the hours, minutes, and seconds have a beautiful matte texture. The 24-hour hand’s orange colour represents the distinguishing attribute of an explorer watch.


The white face and black hands of the watch indicate day and night.
three flat links make up the bracelet.
The diameter of the oyster-steel model case is 42mm.
The scratch-resistant, dazzling crystal is made from sapphire.
Both directions of self-winding are present in the eternal rotor.
The watch’s ability to withstand water pressure up to 100 metres is its most significant feature.

Rolex Sky-Dweller-326934 (2021)

The black dial of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 2021 has white gold accents. The red triangle on the watch is inverted and shows the time in two separate time zones. The Rolex’s chroma-light display, which shines at night, is an exceptional feature that adds value.


This five-piece oyster-steel band Rolex watch for men is made of white gold.
The white roles are a combination of white gold and oyster steel.
The monobloc casing of the model has a 42mm diameter.
The ridged rotating bezel can be turned in either direction.
The cyclops lens on the sapphire crystal, which is scratch-resistant, magnifies the date.
Sky-Dweller is self-winding in both directions and water-resistant.

2022 Sky Dweller

For the Sky-Dweller 2022 model, new dials and bands are anticipated. Previous iterations of the 2021 line were adorned with two-tone oyster bracelets. New colour schemes, bracelet designs, and dial designs will surely be a part of the Rolex sky dweller watch’s revised construction.

The sky dweller 326934 models 2021 are anticipated to undergo modifications and receive a jubilee bracelet in 2022.

GMT Master 2022 Rolex

The previous GMT Master II model from Rolex is a pricey and unique timepiece. A new GMT master model from Rolex is anticipated; it may be marked with the word “coke” or another designation. It is anticipated that there will be a significant waiting list of customers for this new GMT master edition.


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