The federal government is set to implement significant salary increments for its employees, with a projected increase of 30 percent following the adhoc allowance. Retired employees can also anticipate a probable 20% enhancement in their pensions.


According to reports, the finance ministry has developed three recommendations outlining the proposed salary and pension increments for government employees. These recommendations will be presented alongside the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, which is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow (June 9).

The first recommendation suggests a substantial 100% raise in both medical and conveyance allowances, accompanied by a 10% salary increase. It also recommends a 100% surge in medical allowance and a 10% rise in salaries for retired employees. Notably, if this suggestion is approved, there will be no additional burden on the government.

The second recommendation proposes a25% salary increment for employees in Grade 1 to 22, coupled with a 15% increase in pensions.

As for the third recommendation, it suggests a 30% salary increment for employees in Grade 1 to 16, while officers in Grade 17 and above would receive a 20% raise. Furthermore, a 50% increase in medical and conveyance allowances is proposed, along with a 20% augmentation in pensions.

All three recommendations will be presented to the cabinet meeting for final deliberation and decision-making, ensuring a comprehensive assessment before any implementation takes place.