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My Daily Wallpaper 6.55

My Daily Wallpaper is a free software program for Windows that automatically downloads wallpaper images from the popular sites like deviantART or National Geographic and changes your wallpaper after Windows log on. Without wasting your time automatically you can download new wallpapers and change your desktop screen daily.

Wallpapers includes up to 50 different categories: 3 dimensional, abstract, animal and plants, anime, anime scenery, fantasy, fractals, landscapes, mac and pc, minimalistic, miscellaneous, movie, national geographic, objects, people, photo manipulated, scenery, science fiction, technical, vector, vehicles, vexel, various. Over 475.000 hi-quality wallpapers available!

Wallpapers by:

  • Arts Wallpapers (www.artswallpapers.net)
  • Celebrity Wallpaper Base (www.celebritywallpaperbase.com)
  • Car-Pic (www.car-pic.ru) – ChanArchive (www.chanarchive.org)
  • Deskbeauty (www.deskbeauty.net)
  • Desktop Exchange (www.desktopexchange.com)
  • Desktoppr (www.desktoppr.co)
  • DeviantART (www.deviantart.com)
  • Gandex (www.gandex.ru)
  • Girl HD Walls (www.girlhdwalls.com)
  • Good-Wallpapers (www.good-wallpapers.com)
  • HD Wallpapers (www.hdwallpapers.in)
  • Mota.ru (www.mota.ru)
  • Novoboi (www.novoboi.ru)
  • National Geographic (www.nationalgeographic.com)
  • PickyWallpapers (www.pickywallpapers.com)
  • PSXExtreme (www.psxextreme.com)
  • PulsarMedia (www.pulsarmedia.com)
  • Superb Wallpapers (www.superbwallpapers.com)
  • WallpaperFx (www.wallpaperfx.com)
  • WallpaperHD.eu (www.wallpaperhd.eu)
  • Wallpapers.ie (www.wallpapers.ie)
  • Wallpaper Vortex (www.wallpapervortex.com)
  • Wallpaper Web (www.wallpaperweb.org)

Version 6.55 brings these changes:

  • added a new registration method: download a temporary license code!
  • removed third bundle software (I’m sorry, I didn’t thought there was too many problems with the third software installed)
  • updated internal libraries code

Download: My Daily Wallpaper 6.55 | 339 KB (Portable, Freeware)
Screnshots: >> Click here <<
Link: My Daily Wallpaper Home Page