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DirectX Happy Uninstall 6.22.108


DirectX Happy Uninstall(DHU) is a powerful management & maintenance tools for Microsoft DirectX. With DHU, you can backup your PC’s DirectX and restore DirectX from this backup. In addition, using the DHU’s Disc-Rollback Feature is the most exciting thing, you can fix all the DirectX problems via it!

DirectX Happy Uninstall main features and release version:

  • OS Support: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1, includes x64 version.
  • DirectX Support: All the versions of DirectX, include the latest version (DirectX 11).
  • Backup Feature: Backup the current DirectX core components from your Windows.
  • Restore Feature: Restore the DirectX core components from a backup.
  • Disc-Rollback Feature: It will first uninstall the current DirectX core components from your Windows, then install a original core component of DirectX on your PC from the Windows Setup Disc. This can make your DirectX just like the first installed. (Magic feature, strong recommend)
  • Full-Install Feature: It can help you install a new version of DirectX on your PC

What’s new in this version:

  • Support Windows 8.1 & Server 2012 R2

Download: DirectX Happy Uninstall 6.22.108 | 24.9 MB (Shareware)
Screenshots: >>Click Here<<