If you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, know that you are making a big mistake. Know the disadvantages of skipping breakfast.Breakfast is the first and most important meal of our day but there are many people around the world who do not like to have breakfast and they start their day without breakfast and then this habit affects their body. It does what they don’t even know.

Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast

Subah ka Nashta Na Karne ke Nuksan - Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast

How Breakfast Effect’s your Health When You Skipping Breakfast

Today we will tell you what those effects are and how harmful they can be, knowing that you will also be stunned and start eating breakfast from today.

Here is some Effects and harms of skipping breakfast

Weight gain:

Many people think that skipping breakfast will reduce their weight and they skip breakfast, but this is completely wrong. According to research, one of the reasons for obesity is being hungry in the morning, so know this. Research has shown that after skipping breakfast, despite eating less food throughout the day, body weight may increase instead of losing, so make breakfast mandatory.

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Mood disorders

Many people suffer from irritability due to not eating breakfast, and people who do not eat anything for breakfast in the morning are more prone to depression than normal people. The risk also increases to 55 percent.


When we wake up in the morning, our stomach is empty for several hours, due to which the body lacks strength and energy, and breakfast provides us with the energy that our body needs, but not having breakfast. A person feels tired and cannot perform his tasks properly.


If you don’t wake up in the morning and don’t eat breakfast, you may suffer from heartburn within a few days, and those who are already suffering from heartburn can get worse by not eating breakfast. Heartburn and indigestion continue to occur, so never skip breakfast.

Effect on the brain

Breakfast boosts our mental energy According to researchers, skipping breakfast affects mental activity and affects mental capacity.


If you deliberately avoid food and do not eat even when you are hungry, you may complain of half or full head pain due to lack of breakfast and empty stomach overnight. Levels fall too low, resulting in headaches or nausea.

Harmful hormones

Due to not having breakfast, the amount of cortisol hormone increases in the body, which works to increase mental stress, and due to the excess of this hormone, you can suffer from depression and irritability.

Heart diseases

According to research, if a person does not eat breakfast for a long time and makes it his habit, the risk of heart disease increases by 21% compared to other people. Make it a habit and try to have a healthy breakfast.