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Download Vidmate for PC Windows 7, 8, 10 (100% working)

Imagine scrolling Youtube or Instagram and I found a very nice particular video and want to download it to your personal computer but youtube or Instagram doesn’t give a download function to download a video to your device.

Today I will share with you an apk called vidmate, using this you can download any video from youtube or Instagram and save it to your device.

This apk is completely free but is not available on PC. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because in today’s post we are going to share how to download vidmate to your personal computer.

What is Vidmate for Windows PC?

VidMate for PC is a perfect feature for downloading HD videos created from scratch to serve Android audiences around the world, but with the advent of high-end PC emulators, this excellent video scanner, media player and video conversion tool can be found today.

on any modern PC, whether at home on desktop or on Windows laptops and tablets. While many other video download apps are content to provide a video download service from only a few selected online sources, this app modifies this method and provides additional information that conflicts with the provision of other bundled apps.

VidMate for PC is a feature-rich video download app created initially to help mobile audiences around the world, but with the advent of PC characters, you can now download and install Vidmate downloads on Windows 7, Windows 10, XP and PC-Vista. easily.

Vidmate is the best video download software that provides free video download services from popular online streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, DailyMotion, TikTok, Tumblr, LiveLeak and many more.

Features of Vidmate for Windows PC

Whenever we see a video in a media forum and want to download it, most of them don’t allow us to download videos. Then you should try Vidmate. From vidmate you can download any video very easily. and you can watch the trending videos in the APK of vidmate.

  • Watch offline music and movies on the big screen. After downloading VidMate, you will be able to select the media content you want to delay watching in offline mode.
  • Different languages. VidMate uses several languages ​​which can be changed in the settings. Some of these languages ​​include Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and many other languages. This ensures you understand what you are doing.
  • Manage your downloads. With VidMate, you will be able to control how you view or download items. You can pause, restart or even delete downloaded media. Also, if your data is gone when you download something, you can pause it and continue the download later.
  • Copy and paste. In VidMate, you can copy the URL to another site, paste it into VidMate and view or download it. It is also compatible with social networking sites like Facebook. For example, if you copy a URL to a Facebook video, it will automatically take you to download it from VidMate.
  • Various multimedia formats. This app supports various video formats including 3GP, MOV, Mp4 and FLV. This ensures that you choose a media format that works well on your PC.
  • Converting multimedia files. With VidMate you can convert video files to audio formats. This ensures you save on storage capacity.
  • Different media sizes. VidMate offers you media size options. It allows you to select any size you want.

How to install and download Vidmate for PC?

Thanks to Google’s policies, full video downloaders like the VidMate app can’t even send directly to Google Play.

Therefore, this app can only be downloaded from certified download sources and PC users can use it on their home PC or laptop with the help of any capable Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player.

You will need to download an emulator for this and run Android apps on Windows PC. This is how it works.

open a browser

First, you need to open your web browser. Works with any web browser, such as UC Browser or Google Chrome.

Search emulator

In the web browser address bar, type the Android emulator for BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Any Android emulator will work fine. These two are very reliable when it comes to using mobile apps.

Download the emulator

Now download the selected Android emulator from its official website. Or you can find one in the download button below.

Launch the installer

Once the download is complete, use the installer and install it in your preferred local storage.

Enter the emulator

After the installation of the Android emulator is complete, you can use the shortcut icon on the desktop or in the program list.

At the first run, expect a short familiarization instruction and it will help you to use the Android emulator.

Download Vidmate APK

Once the introduction is complete, open the native Android emulator browser and type Vidmate in the address bar. Or better yet, use the download link provided in this article so that you don’t encounter an invalid zip file. You can also use the Xender PC app to transfer APK files using Windows and Android devices.

Install the APK

When you download this APK file from your Windows browser, you just need to double click on it and it will automatically install the Android model.

Just wait a few seconds and you are ready to enjoy all the features of Vidmate for PC.

How to download VidMate for PC without Bluestacks?

Without a doubt, Bluestacks 4 is a rich Android emulator. That said, it consumes a lot of system resources and provides poor performance with little experience on low-power laptops. So, if you want to use Vidmate for PC without Bluestacks, you can check out these other Android emulators.


Nox App Player is another great Android app to run VidMate on Windows and macOS computers. This module provides one-click installation with no bloatware or third party apps.

Nox App Player is very stable and the key registration feature comes in handy when using VidMate.

KO player

The next VidMate emulator on the list is KO Player. However, this character is perfect for playing and using HD videos using the app.

KO Player offers one click which can be useful when you plan to record TV shows or movies.


MEmu Play is a Lollipop based Android 5.1 game for Windows PC. Installation is quick and easy with no bloatware or third-party apps. Another great feature of MemeU Play is the key mapping.

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Advantages of using Vidmate for PC

One of the important benefits of switching to VidMate as your primary download app is that it allows you to search for compatible platforms directly within the app. For example, it allows you to search for YouTube videos, Instagram photos, or Twitter media without leaving the app. Download support reaches over 1000 great sites online, with new ones being added all the time. In addition to integrated media search, browsing and downloading, VidMate Desktop also enables in-game playback with the help of a built-in music / video player.

Large storage capacity

Installing a vidmate PC allows you to use the disk space of your computer or laptop. Typically, a PC or laptop comes with a minimum hard drive capacity of 512GB up to a 2TB hard drive. Although standard Android smartphones come with an internal memory of 8GB or more. So you get most of the disk space on the computer.

Larger screen size

You can enjoy video content on large PC or laptop screens. Compared with android phone, you can get large screen size and detail.

Advanced tuning is supported

Android phones are generally only useful for displaying a resolution of up to 720p. If you want more, you have to spend a lot of money.

Also, because the screen is small on a mobile device, you can’t find much difference between 480p video, 720p video, or 1080p video. It’s just a little bit different in our eyes. But for a PC, seeing 480p, 720p, or 1080p makes a big difference. You can enjoy high resolution videos and movies on PC.

Vidmate provides high speed downloads. You’ll get 200% faster download speeds than similar apps on the same internet connection. The sophisticated technology integrated by vidmate helps to achieve high Internet connectivity.


Questions: Why is Vidmate not available on PlayStore?

Ans: Vidmate is a full-featured video download app and is not approved for use on Google Play due to Google’s policies. That’s why this app is only available for download from certified download sources and you need to allow the app to be installed from an unknown source while installing the Vidmate app on your mobile phone.

Questions: Which VidMate is banned in India?

Ans: The Vidmate app is banned in India because it is a Chinese app and its developers are UC web developers for Chinese agent Alibaba. Yes, banned in India as a Chinese app.

Questions: Is VidMate legal and safe? is vidmate safe to install?

Ans: The VidMate app is completely safe to use on your device. This app is not available on the Google Play Store. This does not mean that it is a virus or malicious program. Completely safe.

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