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Dua to Recite in the Night

Dua to Recite in the Night

here is we provide the complete dua to recite in the night.


Dua to Recite in the Night

Hadhrat Abdullah bin Masood (R.A) states that Rasulullaah ( ﷺ) has said that the person who recites Suratul Waqia (Para 27) every night, will never be poverty stricken (hungry). (Baihaqi in Shabatul Iman)

Hadhrat Usman (R.A) states that a person who recites from

Dua to Recite in the Night

In Sura Aal-e-Imran till the end of the Sura on any night or part of the night, will receive the reward of performing his Salaat for the whole night. (Mishkat)

Hadhrat Jabir (R.A) states that Rasulullaah (SAW) never slept before reciting Sura Alif Laam Meem Sijda (21 Para) and Sura Tabarakal Lazi (29 Para). (Mishkat)

Rasulullaah (SAW) also said about this sura Tabarakal Lazi that one who used to recite this surah was for given by ALLAH on its support.

Hadhrat Abdullah bin Masood (R.A) narrates that Rasulullaah (SAW) has stated that the person who recites the last two ayats of Suratul Baqarah till the end, then these two ayats will be sufficient for him,i.e ALLAH will protect him from all evil and ploys. (Bukhari,Muslim)

Alternatively Recite this Dua

When retiring to sleep, make wudhu, dust off the bed three times, lie on the right side, place the right hand under the head or cheeks and recite the following dua three times.

(mishkat and Hisnul hasin, bukhari, muslim)

Dua to Recite in the Night

“Ya ALLAH, save me from the punishment on the Day when You will gather Your servants.”

Dua to Recite in the Night

“Oh my Rabb, I have taken Your name and placed myself on my side and by Your power will rise up again. If You take my soul whilst I am sleeping (grant me death) then have mercy on my soul and if You leave me (let me live) by Your Power protect me by that with which You have protected Your righteous servants.” (bukhari,muslim)

OR Recite this Dua

Dua to Recite in the Night

“Ya Allah, by Your name I live and die.”(bukhari,muslim)

Virtual Rewards of Dua

The Prophet said that prayer is a Believer’s Weapon, Pillar of religion and light of heaven and earth.

He also said, “Nothing is more honorable in ALLAH’S sight than prayer. He also said that if anyone wishes that ALLAH should accept his prayers at the time of hardship then he should also make prayers frequently in times of abundance and comfort.

He also said, “If any Muslim turns to ALLAH to request Him for something then ALLAH gives him that thing surely. He will get that immediately or it will be kept in store for him for the next world.”

He also said that if anyone does not pray to ALLAH for anything then ALLAH gets angry at him. He said to his sahabah R.A “When you pray to ALLAH show humility. One who prays will not face destruction through a calamity.

He also said that nothing but prayer can overt destiny and nothing but piety will increase life span.

He also said that if doors of prayer are opened for anyone then the doors of mercy, Paradise and acceptance are also opened for him.


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