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FileSearchy 1.1


The most convenient way to search files on your computer

FileSearchy is a quick and convenient utility to find files or folders on your computer. It provides real-time search by file name. Unlike other search tools with instant file search, it also allows searching by content string, date and size. FileSearchy supports many popular formats and highlights found text in file name and contents. FileSearchy performs quick indexing and maintains a lightweight database of file names on your computer. This enables search by file name in less than a second. Search through contents of plain text, office, PDF and other documents. File content detection algorithm allows to skip binary files (e.g. programs, music, video). Free for private use at home and not for profit.

What’s new in this version:


  • New view that shows only the lines with matches.
  • 64-bit IFilters support.
  • Polish language.
  • Japanese language.


  • Search in Microsoft Office documents didn’t work on some systems.
  • Search on network drive didn’t work sometimes.

Download: FileSearchy 1.1 | 9.1 MB (Freeware)
View: FileSearchy Website