Get Rid of Baldness with Petroleum Jelly Urdu Totkay

How to Get Rid of Baldness

Nowadays children are facing the problem of hair fall, the main reason for this is environmental pollution, poor diets and not taking care of their health and beauty. Everyone wants long and thick hair but no one wants to work hard, and those who work hard get results.

Today we will talk about those people whose hair has fallen and left very little and the sides of the forehead have suddenly become smooth. But we have brought you a remedy that can solve all your hair problems.

Treatment of Baldness with Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is not only helpful in removing dryness from your body in winter but it is also beneficial for hair growth.

Hair Cream:

You need only three ingredients to make this cream:

  •  Petroleum jelly 2 tbsp
  •  Onion 1 pc
  •  Aloe vera gel and half spoon

The Method of Preparation for this Cream:

  • First, peel the onion and make a paste, then strain it through a sieve and separate the juice.
  • Now put petroleum jelly in a bowl and make it a double boiler on the stove or melt it in the microwave.
  • When it melts, add onion juice and mix well.
  • Once mixed, add aloe vera gel and beat until the mixture changes color and becomes creamy.

Method of application:

Apply this cream on the parts of the head where the hair has completely disappeared or there is emptiness. Apply and leave for two hours, then wash your head with normal shampoo.

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Get Rid of Baldness with Petroleum Jelly Urdu Totkay Get Rid of Baldness with Petroleum Jelly Urdu Totkay