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Can we expect to see New Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2021? 

It seems unlikely, and as Rockstar hasn’t even confirmed its existence, even an announcement at this point would be reason enough to get excited. There’s still reason to hope for a new instalment though. Apart from anything else,New Grand Theft Auto 6 has been massively successful, selling nearly 110 million copies and crashing the Epic Game Store when it was featured as the weekly freebie.

So it should come as no surprise that fans are avidly searching for any New Grand Theft Auto 6-related news.  Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date:

Rockstar’s recent history shows that it has a habit of releasing its bigger games four to five years apart. If that trend continues, we might expect to see GTA 6 release somewhere around 2022/2023, though of course, that assumes that Rockstar’s next big game is indeed New Grand Theft Auto 6. Take Two’s recent quarterly earnings revealing that GTA 5 Online is still a big earner for the company, so it would seem odd if there wasn’t another GTA game planned somewhere down the line.

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 Expected Year 2022/2023

The relatively recent launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X also ticks one of the boxes that might make a  GTA 6 announcement more probable, though it’s worth bearing in mind that Rockstar is kept fairly busy with updates for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online. That said, E3 is returning this year as a digital event and Take-Two Interactive will be in attendance. So will we see a GTA 6 announcement at E3?

It seems unlikely. But if you can’t wait and want to find out GTA 6  without having to wade through all the fake leaks and rumours yourself, read on to discover everything we know about the existence of GTA 6

Finally, eager fans recently spotted that Rockstar had added a new blog post to its news section that isn’t currently live – post 62005. They’re hopeful that this means some sort of announcement post is being built at that address. For our money that’s insanely optimistic, but at this stage you can’t blame anyone for getting their hopes up!

All this adds up to the same picture, roughly – the next GTA is definitely on the way, but you shouldn’t get your hopes raised too high that it’ll appear soon.

New Grand Theft Auto 6 platforms:

Probably the other key detail contained in that first big leak around Grand Theft Auto 6 concerned the platforms it’s likely to release on. Obviously, GTA 5 came out toward the tail end of a console generation, releasing on the PS3 and Xbox 360, then being re-released with better performance and graphics on the next set of consoles.

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Apparently, that pattern won’t be repeated with Grand Theft Auto 6, though. The leak suggests that the game will be exclusive to the Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S.

New Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay:

Waiting for details on a new GTA game generally involves one major area of speculation – where will it be set? While characters and storylines are just as subject to interesting details, there’s something about GTA’s setting that feels like the most pivotal choice Rockstar has to make. Whether it’s Liberty City, Los Santos or another metropolitan area, the playground in which players will run riot is a big question mark hanging over the game.

New Grand Theft Auto 6 story:

The main story of each GTA game so far has involved criminality, as a rule, but the exact flavour is always up for change. A crucial bit of information when it comes to

The main story of each GTA game so far has involved criminality, as a rule, but the exact flavour is always up for change. A crucial bit of information when it comes to  Grand Theft Auto 6’s narrative is that Rockstar’s co-founder, Dan Houser, left the studio in March 2020 For More Details Rockstars

That means that one of the studio’s key tastemakers and writers has departed, someone who, together with his brother Sam, has shaped the franchise’s tone from the very beginning.

Now, on the one hand, given the likely timing of the game there’s a good chance that Dan Houser was able to have solid input and impact on the script and story before his departure. On the other, if he was on his way out it’s very possible that he wasn’t nearly so involved. That means we could be in for a change of voice .

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