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How do I create a blog?

How do I create a blog?

How do I create a blog?

Blogging is the best profession to earn money online. Even many people earn more than 6–7 figures per day from home just by writing blogs.

To start with blogging you first need to specify your niche idea. and for the sake of interest choose a niche which you’re familiar with or you have knowledge about chosen niches, there are many niches like, sport health, wealth, academics, entertainment, fashion, etc.

But this is a broad niche, if you just starting up you should choose a micro-niche, for example, if you writing a blog on sport should be a broad match rather than writing a blog Specifically on sports cricket is a narrow down path.

because a micro-niche blog is easy to rank on google rather than a broad match blog because many blogs already present on the internet and as a newbie it’s hard to beat your competitors.

You can start your free blog on blogger. You just need to sign up and start writing your article.

or if you want to become more professional and want to spend 25–50$ then you should go with WordPress.

For the complete tutorial, you can search: How to start a blog on Blogger/WordPress/Wix. on youtube and you will find plenty of results explain to you how to Get started with Blogging.

Now For monetizing your blog, you should write at least 10–15 articles on your blog and which should be greater than 1000words, and then apply for google ad, or monetize with affiliate marketing.

Now How Can Get traffic to your blog?

To drive traffic to your new blog, Instagram and Quora is the best platform.

simply start an Instagram page related to your blog and grow it once your page will grow just send your follower to your blog. You can search How To Grow on Instagram Fast on youtube and get plenty of results.

For Quora, Start answering questions on Quora related to your niche and drive viewers back to your blog.But be more aware of quora policy as quora don’t allow linking so start answering the first 10–12 question without a link and after that try to add 1 link in question per three questions you answered.

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