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How to beat Ludo Star with a 6

How to beat Ludo Star with a 6


How to beat Ludo Star with a 6

If you’ve never played Ludo, you’re not a Pakistani. We’ve all stayed glued to the Ludo board for hours while waiting for our first six, hoping that our gotis stay alive, and hoping the dice would land on the winning number. When the Ludo Star mobile app debuted earlier this year, it brought back all of our fondest childhood memories.

Although there have been other Ludo apps, none have proved as popular as Ludo Star. Ludo Star has garnered 5 million downloads on Google Play since its inception only a few months ago and averages 28,000 downloads each day. It is without a doubt now a phenomenon.

What you must do to constantly get a six is as follows:

Watch the green ticker that shows next to your avatar.
When one-fourth of the green ticker, or your allotted time to roll the dice, has passed, tap on the dice.

If you tap the dice at this moment, you almost always get a six.
This simple trick will almost always result in a six. While it’s possible to obtain a six in other situations as well. Check out this video to help make things more clear:

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