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How to Make a Good CV for Teaching Job

How to Make a Good CV for Teaching Job

How to Make a Good CV for Teaching Job

1. Present Yourself the Right Way

Quantify your experience and knowledge as much as possible. State the total years of experience you have in teaching clearly and also mention your area of specialization. Mention the information in the reverse chronological order. It is very important to present yourself as an educator who is passionate about the students’ success, teaching, learning, and innovation. In short, incorporate your teaching philosophy in your CV.


2. Emphasize Your Specific Skills

Including relevant skills in a teacher’s CV is very important. So, don’t just mention your soft skills, ensure that the terms you use for describing the same are relevant to the job. Instead of using phrases like “classroom management”, state “able to manage a class of up to 40 secondary level students, while ensuring a positive learning atmosphere.” Also, emphasize on your caring and nurturing attitude, patience, communication skills as well as writing and editing skills. If possible, support your statements with some real-life examples. Don’t just list your duties, list your accomplishments.


3. Describe Your Teaching Methodology

Like professionals in any other field, teachers also have their own style of working. Mention on your CV how adaptable you are in the given environment and how interestingly you guide the students to learn new things. You can cite some out of the box examples from your professional life to make your candidature look strong.

If you are someone who is drafting a CV for a teaching job for the first time and have no prior teaching experience, then emphasize your technical competencies that are relevant to the position. You can also convey your knowledge of the fundamental principles associated with the position.


4. Write a Strong Cover Letter

After spending so much time drafting a perfect CV, don’t ignore the importance of a nice and crisp cover letter. Write a personalized and customized cover letter that talks about your goals, interest towards the job, passion and skill sets. Don’t repeat the CV information as it is in your cover letter. Your knowledge about the organization where you are applying will show your interest towards it, and the same should reflect in your cover letter as well.


5. Use Action Verbs

For a strong and impressive teacher CV, add strong words. Write simple sentences and don’t forget to incorporate some action verbs like –

– Teach

– Educate

– Encourage

– Motivate

– Plan

– Initiate

– Innovate

– Instruct

– Create

– Care


6. Be a Grammar Nazi

Edit, edit, edit. Edit your CV as much as possible. Ensure that your CV formatting is consistent. Using the same style of bullet points throughout will make your document look professional and polished. Ensure the CV is free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Also, pay attention to the font size and style.


Teacher CV sample

Review various types of CVs available on the Internet or seek the help of professionals for a strong CV. Here is an example to help you create a professional teacher CV.

How to Make a Good CV for Teaching Job

How to Make a Good CV for Teaching Job

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