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Vitamin E oil is used in every beauty and health-enhancing product, be it a medicine or a serum. Be it a beauty mask or a scrub, vitamin E is the most widely used in everything. Now whether the nails are damaged due to sugar, or age marks on the skin, vitamin E and its oil are the essential ingredients in solving all these problems. It contains D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate and is also an antioxidant that has the power to heal wounds quickly.

Where do marketers get vitamin E oil?

In fact, vitamin E is mostly obtained from the round part of the sunflower flower because it contains oil content and vitamin E in a certain ratio that occurs naturally and is absorbed by machines. goes This is its true state.
But this is not the only way, but naturally, Allah Almighty has placed this oil in other foods as well. So you can make it yourself at home.

What is the Ingredients for making Vitamin E?

To make this oil at home you need the following ingredients:

  • A handful of peanuts, including the shells.
  • Olive oil 1 cup.
  • Sunflower seeds powder.

How to make Vitamin E at Home?

Heat a pan. Now place a steel bowl on top of this pan. Put a handful of groundnuts in it with the yellow skin and add a spoonful of olive oil to it and cook it well. Cook it for about 20 minutes. Keep stirring it with the help of a spoon until some bubbles start forming and when the bubbles start to cook well.
Then pour the olive oil in the cup and add one to two spoons of sunflower seed powder and cook in this way for 40 minutes so that you can see the whole color of the peanut shells in the bowl.
Now let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes and strain it using a sieve. Pure vitamin E oil is ready at home, now store it in a bottle. It won’t spoil for months.

How to use Vitamin E?

Apply it directly on the face and hair, apply it on scars, it will also work on acne scars but don’t expect instant results. Use it for at least 3 to 5 months.

Benefits of Vitamin E:

• Controls anti aging effects. After the age of 30, women must consume this vitamin in one way or another to avoid the effects of early aging.

• Keeps digestive system active, excellent for skin and hair. It also keeps the problem of baldness under control and also restores the beauty of the face.
• Vitamin E plays an important role in preventing hormonally induced menstrual irregularities and the risk of miscarriage in women.It prevents the risk of miscarriage by strengthening the uterus-

Effects of Vitamin E Deficiency:

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency are as follows:
• Vitamin E deficiency causes muscle weakness. Vitamin E is very important for our nervous system.

• There is difficulty in walking and weakness in the body due to which a person gets tired from walking and feels tired.
• Our digestive system does not work properly, there is problem in digestion.
• Prevents our immune cells so it can be damaged in older people. It contains antioxidant properties that are capable of fighting free radicals and are beneficial for any human being.

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How to Make Vitamin E Oil at Home - Totkay in Urdu for Health How to Make Vitamin E Oil at Home - Totkay in Urdu for Health How to Make Vitamin E Oil at Home - Totkay in Urdu for Health How to Make Vitamin E Oil at Home - Totkay in Urdu for Health