Instagram updates its web application and expands its mobile app’s features.

Instagram updates its web application and expands its mobile app's features.

The chief executive of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced two important updates to the platform on Tuesday, including planned posts and an intuitive desktop version of the programme, that will greatly simplify life for users. According to Mosseri in the video, due to the long-standing public demand for these characteristics;

I refer to this as a “finally feature” because it is something that should have been completed a long time ago.

The purpose of the scheduled posts function is to assist businesses and content producers in organising their posts in advance. Creators will now be able to schedule their posts up to 75 days in advance thanks to the upgrade. Currently only available on Android, the feature will soon be available on iOS as well.

Instagram updates its web application and expands its mobile app's features.

The entire redesign of Instagram’s website is the other significant announcement. The web version currently differs from the app’s and can be challenging to use. Instagram is launching a new to address that problem.

Because many people multitask online, Mosseri explained, “we wanted to make Instagram as great of an experience as possible online.”

The new website will be made to work with large-screen monitors, which have increasingly become the standard for many people, and is promised to be “faster, cleaner, and easier to use.”

Menus and icons for the home screen, search, messages, and alerts are now located in a side window. Additionally, the explore/search page displays a full grid that fills the whole monitor. Depending on what screen you are viewing on, the new sidebar extends and contracts.

When you opened a profile in an earlier version of the online interface, options like Posts, Guides, Reels, and Tags were housed on top of the grid. So, from wherever you were, you had to scroll to the top if you wanted to go to another tab.

Instagram announced earlier this month that it would soon permit some producers to manufacture and sell NFTs directly within the platform. The NFTs will be available for purchase immediately within the Instagram app for users. According to Meta, the procedure would be carried out through standard in-app purchases on both iOS and Android. Instagram is also not currently taking a percentage of the money made by the producers. With the intention of bringing this new feature to more nations, Meta is currently testing it with a select group of American creators.

Along with the blockchains and wallets it already supports, such as Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, Instagram is also adding support for the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet.

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