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The department of the Punjab police is functional as the jhang police in the whole district of jhang, which is also called the city of heer ranjha where the tomb of heer ranjha is located.

We have listed all the working Jhang police station contact numbers below to make it easy to call the police department to register your F.I.R. ( First information report ) which is also accessible via Police Khidmat Markaz Jhang.

DPO Jhang (District Police Officer) is very polite to the ordinary residents of the city of jhang. You can get a dpo jhang mobile number by visiting the DPO Office near the police line jhang (District Police Office Jhang, Jhang Sadar, Pakistan, 35202).

DPO Office Jhang

Below is the picture of the current DPO Jhang. Presently, Malik Tariq Mehboob (PSP) is the head of the district Police. His name is Malik Tariq Mehboob posted as District Police Officer of District Jhang.

DPO Jhang Mobile Number / DPO Jhang Contact Number

Dpo jhang’s mobile number (contact number)is +92-047-9200444-45. Please note this number is always on 27/7 for the people of Jhang.

dpo jhang picture
dpo jhang picture

DPO Jhang Name for Year 2023 : Malik Tariq Mehboob

Jhang Police Stations Whole Directory

The main landline ptcl number of the jhang police is (047) 9200444 you can call them at any time 24/7 also they have started the most popular WhatsApp service as well jhang police WhatsApp number is 03317871787. You can also get in touch with local police via your smartphone by writing an email to the official jhang police email address jhangpolicecares@gmail.com.

Jhang Police City Circle

Sr. No.Police StationPhone No.
 SDPO City Circle047-9200233
1.Thana Kotwali Jhang047-9200316
2.Thana Sadar Jhang047-9200313
3.Thana City Jhang047-9200271

Jhang Police Sadar Circle

Sr. No.Police StationPhone No.
 SDPO Sadar Circle047-9200312
1.Thana Mochiwala Jhang047-7642100
2.Thana Qadir Pur Jhang0477-640010
3.Thana Masan Jhang0477-000416
4.Thana Athara Hazari Jhang0477-645510
5.Thana Kot Shakir Jhang0477-226300

Jhang Police Shorkot Circle

Sr. No.Police StationPhone No.
 SDPO Shor Kot Circle0475-310898
1.Thana Shorkot City Jhang0475-310698
2.Thana Shorkot Cantt. Jhang0475-500898

Jhang Police Ahmad Pur Sial Circle

Sr. No.Police StationPhone No.
 SDPO Ahmad Pur Sial Circle0475-340016
1.Thana Ahmad Pur Sial Jhang0475-340010
2.Thana Garh Maharaja Jhang0475-320510

Jhang police’s official page

To help the people of the city of heer ranjha also known as Jhang, our jhang police has started social media official pages to make it easy to access for everyone to get justice. DPO Jhang and the whole jhang police are active on this FB page. Below is the live feed of the official Facebook page of jhang police.

List of Name of DSP Jhang

Below is the full list of currently appointed DSP Jhang with their contact number please do not ask for the personal mobile number as it is not allowed to mention here. However, you can contact on Punjab police jhang WhatsApp number for further details and online fir jhang district.

Punjab Police Jhang FB Page

FAQ About Police Department Punjab.

  • The total police station in Punjab?
  1. Jurisdiction: Punjab (36 Districts)
  2. Total Police Stations in Punjab: 718
  3. Women Police Stations in Punjab: 4 (Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Lahore, and Multan)
  • How to get the Punjab police station phone number

Punjab Police 15
IGP Complaint Helpline 1787, 042-99212609

  • How to reach the Jhang police official page

    Here is the official jhang police Facebook page

  • Who is dpo jhang

Malik Tariq Mehboob is the dpo jhang

  • Current dpo jhang name

Malik Tariq Mehboob is the name of current dpo jhang

  • Where can I get Jhang Police Verification form?

You can download police verification form from here

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