Imagine a room so quiet, you hear your own heartbeat. Khamoshi is like that – a blanket of stillness, a pause in the world’s noise. It can be peaceful, like a gentle snowfall, or heavy, like unspoken tears. It makes you listen closer, peek deeper, understand without a word.

In this moment you want to ask a quote about silence , we listed some best selected quotes in urdu in written shape also in images for you to share on social media.

Khamoshi Quotes

Khamoshi Quotes is a collection of silent yet powerful words that convey deep emotions and thoughts. If you mode is off due to some friends who are became munafiq like peoples with two faces and you want to show them your feelings in the shape of quotes here are some munafiq quotes collection for you.

Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes

khamoshi quotes in urdu

Below are the 3 most beautiful quotes in urdu about khamoshi , hope you also like.

  • Khamoshi hai uski zubaan, par aankhon mein darya hai, Har aansu dastak deta hai, aur yeh kehta hai ke pyaar hai.
  • Khamoshi mein bhi sukoon ki ek duniya hai, jahan sirf dil ki awaz sunai deti hai
  • Khamoshi woh zaban hai jo har zubaan samajhti hai
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes

poetry about khamoshi

Poetry Quotes for khamoshi capture the essence of human emotions and experiences in a condensed form. They are like artistic snapshots of feelings, thoughts, and observations, using language to evoke deep and relatable sentiments.

  • Mirza Ghalib: “Dil darya hai lekin zuban nahi nadi, Khamoshi meri hi baat karti hai har jagah.” (My heart is an ocean, but my tongue has no river, My silence speaks for me everywhere.)
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz: “Socha tha khamoshi hi achi hai meri, Lekin tum ne khamoshi ko bhi sun liya.” (I thought my silence was best for me, But you even listened to my silence.)
  • Rumi: “Khamoshi Allah ki zuban hai, baqi sab uski nafsi tarjuma hai.” (Silence is the language of God, all else is its poor translation.)
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes

last seen quotes in urdu

Last seen quotes in Urdu are messages that indicate the most recent time someone was online or active on a platform. These quotes, written in Urdu, convey the idea of when a person was last available or visible.

  • “Jo tumhari khamoshi se tumhari takleef ka andaza na laga sake, uske saath zubaan se izhaar karna apne lafzon ko khatam karna hai.” 
  • “Yeh khamoshi jo meri hai, dastan hai ik ghunghat mein chhipe aansuon ki.” 
  • “Lafz khatam ho jaate hain, lekin khamoshi baaki reh jaati hai, yaadon ki tarah.” 

khamoshi islamic quotes in English

Below quotes highlight the importance of silence in Islamic thought and practice. Silence can be a time for reflection, prayer, and contemplation. It can also be a way to avoid gossip, slander, and other harmful speech. Our Hazrat Ali A.S said many powerful quotes about khamoshi and about life as well.

  • “There is a time to speak and a time to be silent; a time to laugh and a time to weep; a time to gather and a time to scatter.” – Quran 3:8
  • “He who keeps silent attains safety.” – Sahih al-Bukhari
  • “The remembrance of Allah is the best speech, and silence is the best meditation.” – Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
  • “Silence is the best prayer when the heart is full of sorrow.” – Abu Huraira (ra)
  • “Out of silence comes the strongest voice.” – Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra)
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes

dp khamoshi

Silence (Khamoshi) means no sound. It’s like when things are really quiet. But silence is more than just no noise. It can also be a calm and peaceful feeling inside you. Sometimes, when we don’t talk, we can still say a lot with silence. It’s like a special quiet time that helps us think and understand things better.

In above you can understand what is khamoshi (silence) so now you can collect some khamoshi quotes from below to put on you social media profile also known as DP Covers.

You can also use below powerful Islamic quotes expressed through islamic wisdom on you instagram social medial dp as well.

  1. “In the silence, we find the answers that words fail to express.”
  2. “Embrace the eloquence of silence; sometimes, it speaks louder than words.”
  3. “Silence is the language of the soul, spoken in the quiet moments of reflection.”
  4. “Amidst the noise of the world, let silence be your sanctuary.”
  5. “In the stillness of silence, the profound symphony of existence unfolds.”
  6. “Silence is not empty; it’s full of answers waiting to be heard.”
  7. “Words may shout, but silence whispers the truths of the heart.”
  8. “Find peace in the pauses between the noise; there lies the beauty of silence.”
  9. “Silence is the canvas on which our thoughts paint their most profound masterpieces.”
  10. “Speak with purpose, but know when to let silence articulate the unspoken.”
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes
Khamoshi Love Quotes Love Quotes