LIFE IN A BIG CITY English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download

LIFE IN A BIG CITY English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download


“A city is the expanding product of the human hand and mind, reflecting man’s

history, his struggle for freedom, creativity, genius and his selfishness and

errors.” (Charles Abrams)

Human civilization has undergone many changes and developments. The early man lived in caves and searched his food in the forests. Time went on and he continued moving towards progress and development. He made villages and cities and started living there according to his needs and choices. City is one of the most exciting places to live. Life in a big city is a whirl of activities. It is said:

“God made the country and man made the town.”

Cities are the products of civilization. Life in a big city is fast, busy and restless. There are many advantages of living in a big city. All the necessities and comforts of life are easily available to the city people. Life is full of luxuries and is very mobile. Life in a big city is full of activities. It is a vast built-up area where a large number of people live and work. It is a center of trade, medical facilities, business, and recreation. Here we find the high buildings, vast roads, big parks, crowded bazaars and government offices. People staying nearby villages and towns come to the city for performing different necessary tasks.

Life in a big city starts early in the morning. Many school buses carrying school children can be seen running on the roads. School children dressed in their uniforms are seen everywhere. A large number of people are seen moving to their work places and offices. The roads are full of cars, motorcycles and auto-rickshaws. The shops and the market places remain crowded till the evening hours.

City life has many things to offer for convenience and entertainment. Most advanced medical facilities are available to the city dwellers. There are many hospitals and clinics. The hospitals have highly qualified staff and the most advanced equipment. Moreover, there are numerous pharmacies and medical stores.

In cities, there are a lot of educational facilities. There are many educational institutions in cities, which have a high standard for the students of all levels. There are Medical and Engineering colleges. There are institutes of Law, Information Technology, Fashion Designing and Technical Education. In this way acquisition of knowledge is easier and better in cities. Excellent universities are present in cities for higher education which is a big advantage. The people in the cities are well educated. They are more advanced and enlightened than the people who live in the villages. Skilled workers and technicians are in great demand.

“All great art is born of metropolis.”

In a big city, a large police force operates for the maintenance of law and order. So, people feel very secure and safe there.

“I have affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighbourhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.” (Longfellow)

A large number of jobs are available in the cities. Very often people from the countryside move to the cities in order to find decent jobs. The entertainment is the most exciting part about city life. There are many entertainment facilities for everyone. There are lots of theaters, parks, restaurants, shopping malls and stores in the cities. Other than this there are other entertaining venues such as stadiums and clubs in the cities.

“Recreation is not only joy but need of a man.”

There are wide roads in the cities with proper signs and signals. The modes of transport are easy, comfortable and swift. Rickshaws, buses, taxis and autos are easily available. On payment of a small fare, the buses take you from one end of the city to the other. If you are in a hurry, you can take a taxi.

In big cities the houses are very big. The multi-storied buildings are fitted with lifts. Houses in cities are generally well- furnished. In a big city, a man can get everything that he needs if he has the money for it.

There are many other advantages of city life. There we find opportunities to mix with people from every corner of the country. We meet people who have different temperaments, different ideas, and different ways of living and thinking. In this way, our minds are broadened and our views enlarged.

“What is a city, but the people; true people are the city.”

Though the benefits of the city life are many, there are also certain demerits of this life. A city is full of smoke, dirt, dust, garbage, gases and foul smell. People living in big cities no longer breathe the fresh air and see any green, open spaces. The loud noise of vehicles and factories has created troubles everywhere. Though the industrialization has provided several business benefits but it has also added to the pollution problems.

“We are in Danger of making our cities places where business goes on but

where life, in its real sense, is lost.”

A city is always populous. Tall buildings and big houses take up space in a city. There is less greenery in the cities compared to towns and villages. The roads are always full of vehicles. Here, everyone finds himself in a hurry and worry. Neighbours live like strangers. One hardly knows who the next one’s door neighbor is.

“A city is a large community where people are lonesome together.”

There is a mad competition of getting material gains in the cities. Everyone is in race for more and more money. There is no place for emotions and sentiments.

“In cities no one is quiet but many are lonely.” (Fisher)

There is a strong contrast in different areas in the cities. The slum areas are present behind the posh areas. Life in posh areas is a bed of roses while in slum areas it is a bed of thorns.

“In cities life is heaven for the rich and hell for the poor.”

The lack of pure diet and fresh air are the drawbacks of city life. Most of the cities are facing the problem of overpopulation. This is resulting in many other problems such as traffic, lack of housing facilities and food. Now, cities have

unfortunately become very dangerous and unhealthy places to live. There are higher crime rates in cities which is a threat to everyone. The rush of traffic and heavy vehicles produce a lot of noise pollution. At the peak hours the noise of the passing traffic is so high that one cannot even hear the other.

“Today’s city is the most vulnerable social structure ever conceived by


In the city, we cannot enjoy the beauties of nature, as we can do in villages. City life is artificial. Man lives cut off from nature. City life is extremely unhealthy. The sky is always covered with thick clouds of pollution. The people get no opportunity to breathe free and pure air, or to enjoy clear sunshine. Besides this, food in the cities is dirty and adulterated. We cannot get pure milk and ghee. The goods sold in the market are unwholesome and unfit for consumption.

“The city has a face; the country has a soul.” (Marcus Tulles)

Life is very costly in a big city. A simple life, like that of the village, is impossible in the city. Rates are high and the new-comers have to put up with a great deal of hardships. Distances are long and much time is wasted in going from one place to another.

“A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one.”

To those who live in villages and towns, city life has a special appeal and they desire to visit a city repeatedly and likewise, city dwellers want to enjoy simple pleasures of a village away from the maddening complexities of city life.

However, the above-mentioned advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Life in a big city provides a lot of employment opportunities. Development takes place faster in cities. A City broadens the outlook of an individual. Urban life provides man with a lot of chances of progress. It is so generous that it accommodates everyone. One does not remain idle in a city. Thus, cities add to the economic development of the nation. In the words of Brodsky:

“What I like about cities is that everything is of big size,

The beauty and the ugliness.”