Sudden death can also occur due to low sugar. If sugar is often low, is it not harmful to eat sweets? Get the doctor’s opinion.

Low Sugar can also lead to Sudden Death

Low sugar is very dangerous. It can also kill a person suddenly. Therefore, it is better to eat something sweet immediately if the symptoms appear and if the patient injects insulin, he must consult his doctor.

Low Sugar can also lead to Sudden Death

Death can also occur From Low Sugar

Dr. Fawad Shahzad, who is a consultant nephrologist, said this in Marham TV’s Vlog. Dr. Fawad said that due to low sugar, a person suddenly thunders. Feels dizzy and has cold sweats. If these symptoms are ignored, death can also occur in the same condition.

However, eating sweets to bring sugar back to normal can be a temporary treatment, but diabetic patients should not make it a habit. This article will discuss some ways that diabetics can control their sudden lows and highs.

Important instructions about Sugar

Diabetic patients should check their sugar twice a day so that they can have an idea of what they should eat throughout the day.

It is not good to take long breaks between meals in diabetes. Eat 5 times instead of 3.

Eating 5 times a day maintains the level of glucose in the body and does not cause a sudden drop in sugar.

Eat foods that are low on the glycemic index. These foods include yogurt, pulses, fish, grains and brown rice. Salads, seasonal fruits etc can also be made part of the diet. Patients taking insulin must discuss low sugar with their doctor.

Low Sugar can also lead to Sudden Death