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McDonald’s Pakistan marked Employee Appreciation Day

McDonald’s Pakistan marked Employee Appreciation Day

McDonald's Pakistan marked Employee Appreciation Day

McDonald’s Pakistan marked Employee Appreciation Day

On October 24, 2022, McDonald’s Pakistan celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with considerable excitement. It acknowledges and respects the whole restaurant network crew for their dedication to customer excellence with a global celebration throughout its network.

McDonald’s Pakistan’s corporate staff prepared and oversaw a day of events in which they individually expressed thanks to the whole crew for their dedication, hard work, and commitment to serving feel-good moments to all customers; moments that have become a proud trademark of the Golden Arches.

An enormous quantity of Thank You cards and notes of thanks from colleagues and McDonald’s customers were displayed on a specially built Thank You Wall, expressing respect, affection, and admiration for the whole restaurant personnel.
Amin Lakhani, CEO of McDonald’s Pakistan, remarked on the occasion, “Our restaurant workforce is the backbone of this firm.” In this day, I’d want to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone on our team. We are each one drop in the ocean. We are an ocean when we work together.”

Jamil Mughal, COO of McDonald’s Pakistan, stated, “Our restaurant staff is the basis upon which this company has been created.” Our restaurant crew’s attention, loyalty, genuineness, and client-friendly attitude are the characteristics of our success.”

McDonald’s Pakistan also encouraged its partners to join them in celebrating by visiting its restaurants in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Mudassir Riaz Malik, Director General Punjab Food Authority (PFA); Hafiz Qaiser, Media & PR Coordinator PFA; Muhammad Shahzaib, Media Coordinator Rescue 1122; and Zoraiz Lashari, President Pakistan Swimming Federation were among those present. Dr. Hasan Orooj, National Consultant – Surveillance & IDSR and Ex DG Health, CDA, was among the other noteworthy visitors.


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