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Movavi Video Editor 9.3


If you think video editing is too complicated, you should try Movavi Video Editor for Windows with its new ultra-intuitive interface. Movavi Video Editor is all the digital media processing tools non-professional video editing fans need: movie creation and enhancement, video capture, distribution via multiple media types, and more. Add video fragments, overlay music and stylish titles, join multiple clips together with animated transitions, and save to any format. You’ll be editing like a pro before you know it! Process video files, music, and pictures. Movavi Video Editor supports the most popular video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, QuickTime, VOB, MP3, even video from DVD discs and more.

Movavi’s useful filters and special effects will take you from indie filmmaker to master director – improve the quality of your video clips or give a new perspective to a familiar image. Apply enhancing automatic filters or adjust the parameters of your video manually to achieve a unique combination of colors, light, and contrast. Use the new special effects like Twirl, Stripes, Find Edges, and others to create an art video from your raw footage. Try the Split Screen effect to combine up to four clips on a single screen and the Zoom effect to imitate the camera zoom.

Main features at a glance:

  • Video Editing – Rotate and crop your video, add music, change its volume, add subtitles, split and join clips!
  • Fast processing speed – Feel the superb speed of video processing on AMD or Intel multi-core processors as well as accelerated file processing with NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU.
  • Capturing Video – Capture video from TV-tuners and DV cameras and record live video. Moreover, you can revive your old videos stored on VHS cassettes with VHS capture devices!
  • Capturing Audio – Capture live audio: music, voice or whatever!
  • Video Splitting – Crop, split, merge videos without even pausing playback! Manage scenes with Like and Dislike buttons!
  • Applying Filters and Effects – Enhance video with professional filters like Denoise, Deblock, Brightness/Contrast, Gamma, and more.
  • Editing 3D Video – Create your own 3D movies!
  • Creating Slideshows – Create a beautiful slideshow from your pictures or append images with fades to the beginning and/or to the end of your video.
  • Saving video in various formats – Choose one of hundreds available video formats to save your video to or use a ready-made preset to export video to any popular media player, or upload it to your blog or YouTube channel.
  • Saving video to Mobile devices – Save your video to the format supported by your mobile device – just choose the right ready-made preset from the list.
  • Burning to DVD – Burn edited video to a DVD.

What’s new in this version:

  • Two new effects
  • New export option – ‘Save as audio file’
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Download: Movavi Video Editor 9.3 | 105.0 MB (Shareware)
View: Movavi Video Editor Website