Mushkil Hal Karne ke Liye Wazifa, Nazireen agar aap kisi mushkil mein phanse hue hain ya aap kisi pareshani mein mubtala hein or kai tago do ke baad bhi koi soorat nazar nahi aa rahe hai to aaj hum aap ko 1 aesa amal batayangay jis ke karne se Insha Allah aap ki tamam pareshani aur mushkilat khatam ho jayegi. Kisi bhi mushkil ke hal ke liye or pareshani se nijat ke liye awal aakhir 3 bar Durood Shareef 1 bar Surah Fatiha or 3 bar Surah Ikhlas par kr dua karein, ye amal aap kisi bhi waqt kar sakte hai Insha Allah aap ki tamam pareshaniya or mushkilen khatam ho jayengi.
Mushkil Hal Karne ke Liye Wazifa | Mushkil Waqt ka Wazifa

Mushkil Waqt ke liye Dua

Har Mushkil Ke Liye Dua,”The person who is presented with a strict difficulty should pray after the prayer of the Fajzah or after the prayer of Isha, after reading the first and the second after 11-15 times Sharif Sharif and read Surah Quraish ie-l-i-lafi kurashin 70 times. Be sure to read Bishlamullah once. Till the trouble is not easy, keep reading. Inspector will solve the problem very soon. You can contact Maulana Ji for more information(Har Mushkil Ke Liye Dua). To contact, Maulana G’s mobile number has been given on the website. Maulana ji is special in solving all kinds of trouble, once you have a chance and then believe it.

To solve any biggest and most difficult problem, I will prove to be very caring inshallah your problem will be solved immediately but read with full faith of the condition.

Wazifa to Solve Difficulty If you are facing any kind of difficulty in life be it domestic issues, risk issues, job issues or marriage issues(Har Mushkil Ke Liye Dua). It is a very good practice to get rid of any kind of problem.

How to read the wazifa to solve the problem:

To find a solution to your problem, you can start this wazifa at any time, whenever there is a difficulty, then you should start reciting this dua(Har Mushkil Ke Liye Dua).

  • First make wudu.
  • Pray with Darood Pak. Read Pak at any time for 21 times.
  • Then recite this dua for one hundred times. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, La Hawla Wala Quwatta Illa Billahil ‘Alayil Azimi Bismillahirrahmanirrahim
    Bismillahil Malikil Hakkil Mubini Meenal’ Abdizjalili Illal Mawlal Jalilil Jalilil Mubinil Maghfirat wa – Antal Ghaffaru birahmatik, or Ar – Hamrahimina.
  • Then recite Ali Dua 70 times Ilahi Bi Hurmati Kun Fayakunu FatabarakAllahu Ahsanul Khalikina.
  • In the end, read 21 times again the same Daroode Pak Padheye ji who had read it in the beginning.
  • After reading, pray wholeheartedly to Allah Ta’ala for the quick solution of your problem.
  • This practice only has to be done daily, you will study together continuously every day. Insha Allah, within 7 days your biggest problem will be over.

Dua for every difficulty and every need


for every difficulty and every need the dua of hazarat yunus alayhis salaam is extremely beneficial. rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam has said that whichever muslim will add this dua which hadhrat dhun noon alayhis salaam( another name for hadhrat yunus) had made when he was in the stomach of the  fish and said

Dua for every difficulty and every need

then his dua will also be accepted.