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New Feature of iPhone OS 15.2 can Delete a locked iPhone

Users with iOS 15.2 can delete a locked iPhone without attaching it to a computer

New Feature of iPhone OS 15.2 can Delete a locked iPhone

It used to take a long time and a Mac or Windows PC to reset and erase a locked iPhone. Users must enter DFU recovery mode on the device and use a cable to connect it to a computer. When you have the password, factory resetting your iPhone is not as straightforward. Fortunately, iOS 15.2 fixes this problem. Users can now delete a locked iPhone without a PC.

The most recent iOS 15.2 release, according to 9to5Mac, enables users to independently delete their locked iPhones. The software update was released to the public earlier this week. All users that are using it will have access to the new feature. When an iPhone is in Security, a new Erase iPhone button will show next to the Emergency one.

New Feature of iPhone OS 15.2 can Delete a locked iPhone

Your device must be connected to WiFi or have a mobile data plan activated in order for the process to succeed. This is because the iPhone can’t connect to Apple servers. You’ll have to employ the standard PC technique to remove it. A reset will start on an internet-connected iPhone if you don’t confirm your Apple ID password. Once it’s finished, the gadget will be back to how it was when it was first opened.

This modification makes it simpler for individuals without access to a Mac or PC to operate their iPhones or iPads independently. The latter is still being marketed by Apple as a PC alternative, and the capability to wipe it clean in the event of a forgotten password only advances that cause. A version of Swift Playgrounds that will enable developers to create and submit apps to the App Store without the usage of a Mac is now undergoing beta testing by the business.

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