Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar declared on Thursday that all New Year celebrations are prohibited nationwide. This decision is driven by Pakistan’s solidarity with Palestinians, who have been enduring severe Israeli aggression since October 7.

Pakistan has consistently advocated for the rights of Palestinians on the global stage, vehemently condemning Israel’s actions, which have claimed thousands of lives.

Pakistan bans New Year's celebrations

During a televised speech, Kakar stated, “Given the somber state of the Pakistani nation… the Government of Pakistan has chosen to restrict all New Year-related festivities.” This move reflects the country’s commitment to expressing empathy with the plight of the Palestinian people.

“I urge all Pakistanis to stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and usher in the new year with simplicity,” Kakar appealed, emphasizing the catastrophic nature of the ongoing conflict.

Israel’s relentless air and ground offensive, aimed at dismantling Hamas, has caused extensive destruction in Gaza, claiming the lives of at least 21,320 individuals, predominantly women and children.

  • “Pakistani nation is in sad state,” interim Premier Anwaar Kakar says.
  • “I appeal to Pakistanis: show solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.”
  • Israeli forces have killed 21,320 Gazans, mostly women and children.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with the war extending beyond 12 weeks and Israeli officials expressing their intent to continue the assault for several more months.

Kakar mentioned that Pakistan has dispatched two aid shipments to Gaza, with a third on the way, aiming to alleviate the suffering caused by Israel’s deadly bombardment. Pakistani authorities are actively coordinating with their counterparts in Egypt and Jordan to ensure effective assistance for the Palestinians.

In Pakistan, New Year’s functions, both private and government-led, are customary, with youth and families enjoying the festivities. However, celebratory gunfire and reckless driving often result in injuries and fatalities on this occasion.

Notably, Sharjah, an emirate of the United Arab Emirates with official ties to Israel, has also banned New Year’s Eve fireworks this year as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Gaza.