We are pleased to announce that the online registration portal for the esteemed PM Laptop scheme is now open, effective immediately.

Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III

As valued students of Higher Education Commission (HEC)-recognized universities and Degree Awarding Institutes (DAIs), you have the opportunity to apply directly through the dedicated portal. The deadline for online registration is set for June 20, 2023.


How to apply for PM laptop scheme 2023

Our user-friendly portal offers a seamless experience, allowing you to register or update your profile conveniently. Additionally, we understand the importance of accessibility, and thus, applications can be submitted both through the web portal and our dedicated mobile app.

To initiate the application process, kindly proceed to the Students’ Service Portal by accessing the following link: [Website URL: https://pmyp.gov.pk/].

Eligibility Criteria

1. Enrollment Duration

  • Students enrolled not earlier than their respective program duration as per the table below:

2. Valid Documentation

  • The applicant must have a valid CNIC/B-Form number.
  • Must be a valid student as of the closing date for application submission i.e., 30th Jun 2023.

Program Durations and Admission Dates


  • Duration: 5 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 30-Jun-18
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23

MS/MPhil or Equivalent

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 30-Jun-21
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23


  • Duration: 3.5 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 31-Dec-19
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23
  • Duration: 2.5 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 31-Dec-20
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23
  • Duration: 1.5 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 31-Dec-21
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23

Masters (16 Years)

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 30-Jun-21
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23


  • Duration: 5 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 30-Jun-18
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Date of Admission (Greater than or After): 30-Jun-19
  • End Date: 30-Jun-23

Eligible Programs

  • Students studying in public sector universities/Degree Awarding Institutes duly recognized by HEC (Except Distance learning).
  • Students enrolled in Ph.D./MS/MPhil or equivalent 18-year program.
  • Students enrolled in a 4-year or 5-year bachelor’s degree program (morning and evening).
  • Students enrolled in MBA Program (3.5 years, 2.5 years, and 1.5 years).

Laptop Distribution Strategy/Selection Criteria:

Application Process and Verification

  • Online Application Submission
  • Criteria-based Acceptance or Rejection

University Focal Person Verification

  • Verification of Student Records
  • Authorized Focal Person Role
  • Verification of Name, CNIC, Department, Degree Level, Last Exam Percentage/CGPA, etc.
  • Correction of Discrepancies in Student Data

Focal Person’s Actions

  • Approval, Disapproval, or Verification of Students
  • Corrections within the Given Timeline

Allocation of Laptops to Institutes

  • Share of Laptops Based on Predefined Quota
  • Eligibility and Merit Criteria

Merit List Generation and Cross-Checking

  • Automated Process after Verification Deadline
  • Provisional Merit List Shared with Institutes
  • Cross-Checking and Reply within 15 Days
  • Removal of Discrepancies from the Provisional Merit List

Final Merit List and Distribution

  • Sharing of Final Merit List with Institutes
  • Display of Final Merit List on Notice Board, Website, or Social Media
  • Timeline for Distribution
  • Online Portal for Viewing Merit Status

Laptop Distribution Criteria:

The allocation of laptops will be based solely on merit within each degree program, namely PhD, MS/M.Phil., and 16 Years of Education.

The distribution of laptops will be determined based on university enrollment and various quotas applicable to each degree program, including the University Quota, Campus Quota, Degree Program Quota, Department Quota, and Years-wise distribution.

In line with the directives from the Prime Minister’s office, the quota for Balochistan Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) has been set at 14% (14,000 laptops), specifically reserved for students attending accredited universities in Balochistan.

The remaining 86,000 laptops will be allocated among public sector HEIs based on their enrollment preferences.

Please note that this allocation process ensures fairness and transparency in providing laptops to deserving students across different educational programs and institutions.