Ramadan May Taraweeh Ki Dua in Urdu

Ramadan May Taraweeh Ki Dua in Urdu

Most Muslim Communities perform Taraweeh Prayer at night after Isha Prayers during Ramadan. Traditionally, a Hafiz (memorizer) of the Quran leads the prayer. He recites the Quran in small portions, in proper sequence, every night and completes the recitation of the whole Quran before the end of the month of Ramadan. Every Muslim who attends such prayers regularly gets the opportunity of listening to the whole Quran in a month.

Taraweeh Dua

The recommended break between Taraweeh prayer is after each set of four Rakat. Muslims of different regions observe these breaks with different acts of worship.

However, no Hadith book mentions any recommended Dua during these breaks of Taraweeh Prayer, including the Dua commonly read by Muslims in several Mosques. Following Dua is commonly known as the Taraweeh Dua:


Exalted is the Possessor of the hidden and the manifest dominion. Exalted is the Possessor of Might, Greatness, Reverence, Power, Pride, and Majesty. Exalted is the Master, the Living, the one who neither sleeps nor dies. All-perfect, All-holy, Our Lord, and the Lord of the angels and the souls. O Allah, grant us refuge from the Hellfire. O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge.

A thorough search of the Hadith, Tafseer, and Fiqh books did not reveal a single mention of this Dua anywhere as Taraweeh Dua or any Dua/Dhikr.

One should be aware of the fact that there is no Sunnah or recommended Dua for Taraweeh. One can simply engage oneself in any Tasbih, Durood, Dhikr of Allah, or one can simply remain silent during the Taraweeh break.

Ruling of Taraweeh Prayer

1- Taraweeh Prayer is one of the gifts of Ramadan and it is performed by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

2- Taraweeh Prayer is not Fard or Wajib (obligatory). According to many scholars and teachings of Sahabas [companions of Prophet (S.A.W.)], offering it is Sunnah Muakkadah [(confirmed Sunnah of Prophet (S.A.W.)] and comes under Qiyaam al-layl (night prayers).

3- Offering Taraweeh prayer in congregation (for men only) is Sunnah of our Prophet (S.A.W.).

4- The time for praying Taraweeh (qiyaam) is after Isha Prayer until Fajr Prayer. Normally, it is prayed in congregation after Isha Prayer.

5- Taraweeh Prayer consists of 20 Rakat (2×10 units) with small breaks after every 4 Rakat.

6- Taraweeh Prayer is offered as a normal Congregational Prayer with intention of 2 units and following the Imam.

7- After completing 20 Rakats, 3 units of Witr Prayer is offered in the congregation.


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