Rizq Mai Izafa kay liye Umda Wazifa /Dua

Rizq Mai Izafa kay liye Umda Wazifa

Rizq mai hairat angez izafa kay liye lajawab wazifaRizq Mai Izafa kay liye Behtreen WazifaRizq Mai Barkat ke liye Wazifa

Rohani Dua Rizq Mein Ezafay Ke Liye:

Is loh ko khoobsurat frame karwaen aur jahan par ap namaz parhte hain wahan lagaen. Ab rozana muqarara waqt par is loh pr nazar jama kar pehle 11 martaba durood ibrahimi 1414 martaba YA WAHAABU phr YA MUGNEE 100 martaba aur phir 100 martaba Dua “ye dua image mai inverted commas mai hain” aur aakhir mai ek bar phir 11 durood Ibrahimi parh kar dua maange Insha Allah Maal o dolat ki ap ko kabhi kami na aegi. Ap ke rizq mai khoob kushadgi hogi. Jis ka ap tasawur nahi kar sakte. Ye amal ghareeb ko ameer o kabeer kardeta hai.


2 Quran Surahs for wealth, prosperity, rizq & money problems

1) Surah Al Fajr

An experienced spiritual healer who has been practicing healing for the past many years and is also an Islamic scholar at Karachi, Pakistan, brought Surah Al Fajr to my attention when I inquired him about a Surah that specifically covers rizq and wealth-related issues such as increasing income, ending poverty, getting out of debt & loans.

How to recite and gain benefits

– Recite Surah Fajr after every Fajr salah (It takes only five minutes).

Why is Surah Fajr so effective for rizq & wealth

The reason is obvious. Allah specifically addresses the core issues that block a person from enjoying Lord’s blessing of wealth and rizq. Here are the key issues Allah mentions in this Surah:
  • Thanklessness and ingratitude: In the verse 15 of Surah Fajr, Allah talks about a negative human habit of ingratitude. When a man is receiving money and abundance from God, he is happy and excited, but does not bother acknowledging Him by appreciating Him. Let’s recall that gratitude always increases blessings while pride, negligence, failing to thank Allah for blessings takes the benefits away.
  • Entitled attitude toward God: In the verse 16, we see another negative trait of human toward God’s blessings. After losing money and seeing a decrease in wealth due to his own ingratitude and mistakes, man acts like he deserved these blessings and starts complaining, rather than accepting his own situation gracefully and with patience. The fact is, we don’t deserve anything. We are only gifted by Allah. We didn’t create anything, but we act like Allah owes us everything.

2) Surah Waqiah

Although not mentioned in any Hadith or recommended by Prophet Mohammad SAW, Surah Waqiah has gained popularity among many Muslims as the chapter that increases rizq and wealth, and removes financial difficulties.
Despite it not being from Hadiths, Surah Waqiah does talk about core issues and virtues that can result in the increase of wealth and protection from poverty, debt and financial troubles.

Why Surah Waqiah can be effective for wealth & money

Surah Waqiah focuses on gratitude in several of its verses. And Allah promises in Surah Ibrahim that:
“If you are grateful, I will increase you” verse 7
Gratitude attracts more blessings. It is God’s laws that whatever we appreciate Him for, He will increase that thing/blessing in our life. If we are grateful for existing financial resources, no matter how big or small they are, we will see increase and barkah in it right before our eyes.
So, when you recite Surah Waqiah as part of your daily recitation, focus on the meaning and learn the translation as well. When you learn the meaning and internalize the verses deeply in your own first language by reciting daily and on a regular basis, you will soon start developing thinking that attracts more money and protects you from all kinds of financial problems such as poverty, unemployment, debt (qarz) and shortage of resources.



The Messenger of Allah Used To Say This Supplication During Fajr Prayer.

TRANSLITERATION Allaahumma innee assaluka ilman nafia, wa rizzqan tayyeebun, wa amalan mutaqabilan.’

TRANSLATION ‘O Allaah indeed I ask You for beneficial knowledge, and a good Halal provision, and actions which are accepted.

Dua for wealth:

Dua for Wealth

Narrated Anas: My mother said, “O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! Please invoke Allah on behalf of your servant.” He responded, “Rabbanaaa aatina fid dunyaa hasanatawn wa fil aakhirati hasanatanw wa qinaa azaaban Naar”

TRANSLATION “O Allah! increase his wealth and offspring, and bless (for him) what ever you give him” a time of distress.

Dua asking Allah for what is Goood for us:

dua asking allah for what is good for us

Verse 201 From Surah Al-Baqarah TRANSLITERATION Rabbanaaa aatina fid dunyaa hasanatawn wa fil aakhirati hasanatanw wa qinaa azaaban Naar

TRANSLATION: But among them is he who says, “Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.”


The thing about money in Islam is comes down to three issues: how you obtained, the way feel about it, and how you use it.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn money. The problem lies with halal verses haram ways of acquiring it. The basis for buying and selling in Islam is fairly common sense. It’s all about fairness and justice. You are allowed to turn a profit (i.e. sell something at a higher price than you purchased) but it should be a fair dealing.

“Indeed, those who exchange the covenant of Allah and their [own] oaths for a small price will have no share in the Hereafter, and Allah will not speak to them or look at them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them; and they will have a painful punishment”. (Quran 3:77)


The dangers of money comes when the pursuit of it is more important to than practicing faith. The love of money and pleasure gained from achieving it is haram and a great sin.

In Quran, chapter 57 verse 20 Allah says,

“Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children – like the example of a rain whose [resulting] plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes [scattered] debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.

Tangi Rizq Me Kami Ki  Wajohat

1-Dil Me Hiras Ki Waja Se

دل میں حرص کی وجہ سے

2-Dil Me Lalach Ki Waja Se

دل میں لالچ کی وجہ سے

3-Saas Sasur Ko Gali Dene Wala

ساس سسر کو غلی دینے والا

4-Biwi Ko Talaq Ka Tana Dene Wala

بیوی کو طلاق کا تنا دینے والا

5-Zana Karne Se

زنا کرنے والا

6-Jhot Bolne Se

جھوٹ بولنے والا

7-Maqrib Or Isha K Darmiyan Sona

مغرب اورعشا کے درمیان سونا

8-Qabristan Me Hansana

قبرستان میں ہنسنا

9-Jan Bojh Kr Namaz Qaza Karna

جان بوجھ کر نماز قضا کرنا

10-Quran Pak Parhte Sajda Talawat Na Karna

قرآن پاک پڑھتے سجدہ تلاوت نہ کرنا

11-Andhere Me Khana Khana

اندھیرے میں کھانا کھانے سے

12-Rishtedaron Per Ghar K Darwaze Band Karna

رشتے داروں پر گھر کے دروازے بندکرنے سے

13-Raat Ko Der Tak Jagna

رات کو دیر تک جاگنے سے

14-Apne Maa Baap K Liye Dua Karna Chorna Se

اپنے ماں باپ کے لیے دعا کرنا چھوڑنے سے

15-Subha Der Se Uthana Se

صبح دیر سے اُٹھنے سے

16-Jaldi Jaldi Namaz Parhne Se

جلدی جلدی نماز پڑھنے سے

17-Khare Ho Kar Peshab Karne Se

کھڑے ہو کرپیشاب کرنے سے

18-Peshab Karne Ki Jagah Wazu Karne Se

پیشان کرنے کی جگہ وضوکرنے سے

19-Khare Ho Kar Paani Peene Se

کھڑے ہو کر پانی پینے سے

20-Moh Se Charag Bujhane Se

منہ سے چراغ بوجھنے سے

21-Daman Ya Astin Se Moh Saaf Karne Se

دامن یا آستین سے منہ صاف کرنے سے

22-Namaz Na Parhne Se

نماز نہ پڑھنے سے

23-ALLAH Tala Ka Shukar Ada Na Karne Se

اللہ تعالی کا شکر ادا نہ کرنے سے

24-Baghar Hath Dhoye Khana Khane Se

بغیر ہاتھ دھوئے کھانا کھانے سے

25-Nange Sir Khana Khane Se

ننگے سر کھانا کھانے سے

26-Darwaze Per Beth Kar Khana Khane Se

دروازے پر بیٹھ کر کھانا کھانے سے

27-Mayyat K Kareeb Beth Kar Khana Khane Se

میت کے قریب بیٹھ کر کھانا کھانے سے

28-Nikla Hua Khana Khane Me Der Krne Se

نکلا ہوا کھانا کھانے میں دیر کرنے سے

29-Charpai Per Baghar Dastarkhawan Bichaye Khana Khane Se

چارپائی پر بغیر دسترخوان بچھائے کھانا کھانے سے

30-Charpai Per Bagir Khud Sarhane Bethna Or Khana Pao Ki Tarf Rakhne Se

چارپائی پر بغیرخود سرہانے بیٹھنا اورکھانا پاوں کی طرف رکھنے سے

31-Cheni Ya Matti Ke Toote Hue Bartan Istmal Me Rakhne Se

چینی یا مٹی کے ٹوٹے ہوئے برتن استعمال میں رکھنے سے

32-Khaye Hue Bartan Saaf Na Krne Se

کھائے ہوئے برتن صاف نہ کرنے سے

33-Khane Peene K Bartan Khule Chor Dene Se

کھانے پینے کے برتن کھولے چھوڑ دینے سے

34-Payaz Or Lasan K Chilake Jalane Se

پاوں یا لسن کے چھیلکے جلانے سے

35-Ghar Me Kapre Se Jaro Nikalane Se

گھر میں کپڑے سے جھڑو نکلانے سے

36-Raat Ko Jaro Dene Se

رات کو جھڑودینے سے

37-Kora Ghar Me Hi Chor Dene Se

کوڑاگھر میں ہی چھوڑ دینے سے

38-Walden Ko Inke Naam Se Pukarne Se

والدین کو ان کے نام سے پکارنے سے

39-Hathon Ko Gaare Ya Matti Se Dhone Se

ہاتھوں کو گارے یا مٹی سے دھونے سے

40-Baitul Khala Me Wazo Karne Se

بیت الخلاں میں وضو کرنے سے

41-Ghar Me Makari K Jale Lage Rehne Dene Se

گھر میں مکری کے جالے لگے رہنے دینے سے

42-Apni Aulad Ko Badduaen Dene Se

اپنی اولاد کو بدعائیں دینے سے

43-Tooti Hue Kangi Istmail Krne Se

ٹوٹی ہوئی کنگی استعمال کرنے سے

44-Bazar Me Fazul Waqt Barbad Karne Se

بازارمیں فضول وقت برباد کرنے سے

45-Bazar Me Fazul Kharach Karne Se

بازارمیں فضول خرچ کرنے سے

46-Late Kar Kuch B Khane Pene Se

لیٹ کر کچھ بھی کھانے پینے سے

47-Khana Khane Se Pehle Or Baad Me Hath Na Dhone Se

کھانا کھانے سے پہلے اوربعد میں ہاتھ نہ دھونے سے

48-Toote Hue Kange Se Baal Kangi Karne Se

ٹوٹے ہوئے کنگے سے بال کنگی کرنے سے

49-Jisam Se Her Waqt Badbu Ane Se

جسم سے ہر وقت بدبوآنے سے

50-Khane Pene Ki Cheezen Khuli Rakhne Se

کھانے پینے کی چیز کھلی رکھنے سے

51-Her Waqt Aalsi Rahne Se

ہروقت عالسی رہنے سے

52-Nahate Waqt Peshab Karne Se

نہاتے وقت پیشاب کرنے سے

53-Nakhun Chabane Se

ناکہن چوبانے سے

54-Masjid Me Namaz Se Fariq Ho Kar Jald Bazi Me Nikalne Se

مسجد میں نماز سے فراغ ہو کر جلدبازی میں نکلنے سے

55-Rishatedaron Se Tarqe Taluk Karne Se

رشتے داروں سے ترکے تعلق کرنے سے

56-Nange Badan Peshab Karne Se

ننگے بدن پیشاب کرنے سے

57-Kamron Mein Kuradan Rakhne Se

کمروں میں کوڑادان رکھنے سے

58-Chawal Khane Se (Ak Dana Rehmat Ka Hota Hai)

چاول کھانے سے کیونکہ چاولوں میں ایک دانہ رحمت کا ہوتا ہے

59-Hasid Karne Se

حاصد کرنے سے

60-Admi Ko Uske Kisi Gunah Ki Waja Se

گناہوں کی وجہ سے