Shab e Meraj quotes in English are inspirational and spiritual messages that celebrate the night of the Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven. These quotes can provide guidance, wisdom, and inspiration to those seeking to deepen their faith and connection with God. Shab e Meraj quotes in English can also be a source of comfort and hope for those facing challenges and struggles in their lives.

Shab e Meraj Quotes in English

“Ask for His forgiveness not only for yourself but for myself, all Muslims and the people living in the silent cities (graveyards).”

“Agar Chahte ho k Khuda Mile, to Wo Karo jis se Dua Mile.” Remember me in Prayers.

“Shab-e-Miraj is a night of forgiveness. Ask for Allah’s Mercy on this Blessed Night.”

“Shab-e-Miraj is a blessed night when the Angels Celebrate Eid in the heavens. Let’s be a part of this night by offering prayers. Keep me alive in prayers.”

“It is the time when Allah Almighty is fully attentive to us. Pray, Pray and Pray to forgiveness for all Muslims live or departed.”

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