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Shocking revelations about the third wave of COVID-19 in Pakistan


Shocking revelations about the third wave of COVID-19 in Pakistan.


The Infection Control Society of Pakistan has insisted that the UK, Brazil, and South Africa strains of the coronavirus are responsible for a large part of the total COVID-19 cases in Karachi during the ongoing third wave of the viral infection.

The ICSP claimed that examining 3,510 COVID-19 positive samples collected between December 2020 and February 2021 indicated that these three strains accounted for 54 percent of the cases.

Karachi’s coronavirus positivity ratio between September and November 2020 stood at 1.5 percent, which jumped to 7.6 percent between December 2020 and February 2021.

The sharp increase in positivity ratio explains that these three variants were imported to Pakistan from the countries where they were rampant before and during November 2020.

Meanwhile, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 35 people lost their lives, including a senior doctor to Covid-19 on Thursday. The third wave continued to kill doctors and other health workers faster than during the first two waves of the pandemic.

A report revealed that the KPK’s death toll from the virus climbed to 2,796 and cases to 103,419, with 1,129 more infections detected during the last 24 hours.

Government and health officials warn that if the ongoing speed of infections remains for another two weeks, the condition may get worse, as the country’s already weak healthcare system is near saturation.

Speaking to a source, the President of ICSP, Dr. Rafiq Khanani, stated that unregulated international flights and no quarantine after arrival from any country seemed to have carried these variants in Pakistan.

He lamented that COVID-19 monitoring at airports is inaccurate, and it appears that no screening is being conducted to classify travelers infected with the viral virus.