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Six people are killed in Nepal and New Delhi is shook.

Six people are killed in Nepal and New Delhi is shook.

Six people are killed in Nepal and New Delhi is shook.

Early on Wednesday, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing four children and two adults, badly injuring five others, and trembling New Delhi in neighbouring India. The earthquake also caused numerous houses to fall in the western region of Doti.

The earthquake in the Himalayan nation demolished mud and brick homes, and local TV showed rescuers searching through the rubble for survivors. According to Nepali army spokesperson Narayan Silwal, at least two persons have been reported missing.

Women were pictured sitting in the open with their young children covered in blankets to protect them from the cold in the area, which is located around 430 kilometres (270 miles) west of Kathmandu. An entangled cow was rescued by volunteers.

Ram Upadhyay, the head of the Purbi Chowki rural municipality in Doti, claimed the earthquake happened at 2.12 am Nepal time when he was in a nearby hamlet (2027 GMT).

“I hurried outside as soon as it started shaking badly. We are currently gathering information, including the bodies, “added said.

According to Bhola Bhatta, the deputy superintendent of police for Doti, eight houses collapsed, resulting in five individuals suffering critical injuries.

After two significant earthquakes in 2015 wrecked entire cities and centuries-old temples, killed almost 9,000 people, and damaged the economy by $6 billion, Nepal is still rebuilding.

The families of the victims received condolences from Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is up for reelection later this month. “I have ordered the concerned agencies to arrange for prompt and appropriate treatment of the victims and injured.”

According to spokeswoman Silwal, an army ground rescue team has been dispatched to the scene, while two helicopters were waiting in the nearby cities of Surkhet and Nepalgunj.

Senior bureaucrat Kalpana Shrestha of the Doti district said information was being gathered from villages close to the epicentre and that one child was among those pulled from the rubble.

The earthquake was recorded as having a magnitude of 6.6 in Nepal. The earthquake was estimated to have been 5.6 on the Richter scale by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

The quake occurred at a depth of 10 km and had a focal point around 158 kilometres (100 miles) northeast of Pilibhit, a populated city in the neighbouring Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Although the quake woke up many residents of the nation’s capital New Delhi, there were no reports of damage on the Indian side.

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