Sonia Shamroz assumes leadership as KP’s Battagram’s first female DPO.

Sonia Shamroz assumes leadership as KP's Battagram's first female DPO.

Sonia Shamroz Khan, a female police officer, is the first woman to hold the position of District Police Officer (DPO) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Battagram district.


In the most recent reorganisation, the decorated officer—who had previously worked as a district police officer in Lower Chitral—was transferred to Battagram.

2013 recruit Shamroz took control of her office and went to Police Lines, where she was greeted by less experienced police. She later made a prayer offering to the memorial to police martyrs.

Sonia emphasised accountability within the police throughout her interactions with the Battagram force. She also highlighted praising the effective officers and reprimanding the inattentive ones.

The new district police officer, who was an Abbottabad native, also vowed to go after the timber mafia, drug dealers, and other offenders.
Sonia was hired earlier this year as the police training centre in Mansehra’s first female principal. She formerly held the position of superintendent of police (SP) in Abbottabad, and in September, the United Kingdom granted her a “shooting fellowship.”

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