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The Surprising Company Behind Your Canidae Dog Food

The Origins and Ownership of Canidae Dog Food

Canidae was founded in 1996 by two pet enthusiasts who wanted to create premium, affordable pet food.

In 2005, Canidae was acquired by Diamond Pet Foods, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the U.S.

Although now owned by Diamond, Canidae has retained control over its recipes and product standards.

Canidae undergoes regular audits and testing to uphold its commitment to quality ingredients.

Pet owners can remain confident that Canidae maintains its original principles of nutrition and health.

Despite new ownership, Canidae continues to formulate and produce its products to high standards.

Who Owns Canidae Dog Food?

Canidae is a popular brand of premium dog food made with high-quality ingredients and minimal fillers. Their product line includes grain-free, limited ingredient, and allergy-friendly recipes. Canidae has cultivated a reputation for producing nutritious and tasty pet food that dogs love.

But who actually owns and manufactures Canidae pet foods? Here’s a look at the origins and ownership behind this pet food brand:

History of Canidae

Canidae was founded in 1996 by John Gordon and Scott Whipple in San Luis Obispo, California. Gordon and Whipple were both self-proclaimed “pet enthusiasts” who wanted to create a premium yet affordable pet food using high-quality meat sources.

The company started off modestly, making food in a 3,000 square foot facility with only a handful of employees. But demand for their products grew quickly. Within a few years, Canidae had upgraded to a 35,000 square foot plant and was sold in hundreds of independent pet stores.

Canidae was one of the early pioneers in grain-free and limited ingredient dog diets. They helped introduce pet owners to new concepts like avoiding fillers and using simple recipes to reduce allergies. Their foods were meat-focused and avoided artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

The Surprising Company Behind Your Canidae Dog Food

Product lines from Canidae dog food

Product LineDescription
PURELimited ingredient recipes made with 7-10 key ingredients
Grain Free PUREGrain-free formulas with limited ingredients
Under the SunGrain-free recipes made with farm-fresh ingredients
All Life StagesFormulas for all ages and breeds
SAVORNutrient-dense recipes for everyday health
PlatinumPremium recipes for all life stages
Canned FoodGrain-free and limited ingredient canned formulas
TreatsVariety of grain-free biscuits and training treats

Acquisition by Diamond Pet Foods

In 2005, Canidae was acquired by Diamond Pet Foods, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the country. Diamond is a family-owned company that was founded in 1970 and produces brands like Taste of the Wild, Diamond Naturals, and Kirkland.

After being acquired by Diamond, Canidae underwent a major expansion. While their formulas and ingredients remained unchanged, manufacturing was moved to Diamond’s large network of facilities across the U.S. This allowed Canidae to scale up distribution and reach more customers nationwide.

Today, Canidae continues to operate as an independent brand under the Diamond umbrella. All Canidae foods are made in Diamond-owned plants in California, Arkansas, South Carolina and Missouri. Diamond handles ingredients sourcing, production, and distribution for Canidae products.

Commitment to Quality

The acquisition by Diamond allowed Canidae to boost production capabilities while retaining control over their recipes and standards. Canidae states that they still oversee all formulations, sourcing protocols and quality control measures.

Canidae undergoes regular third-party audits to ensure safety and quality standards are upheld at the Diamond facilities. They follow strict sourcing specifications and conduct extensive product testing. This allows them to maintain their commitment to premium, natural ingredients even with the Diamond affiliation.

In Summary

While Canidae got its start as a small independent pet food company, today it operates as a brand under the large Diamond Pet Foods corporation. However, Canidae maintains control over the formulation and production processes to uphold their reputation for quality. Pet owners can feel confident feeding Canidae knowing the brand remains committed to their founding principles of health and nutrition.

FAQ About Canidae Food :

Why does my dog go crazy for Canidae food?

Canidae uses high-quality ingredients and advanced cooking techniques to create irresistible flavor and aroma for dogs. The recipes are carefully formulated to appeal to canine taste preferences.

What makes Canidae so tasty and appealing to dogs?

Canidae contains optimal levels of meat, fat, and natural flavors to create a mouthwatering taste dogs love. They also use minimal filler ingredients that can dull flavor.

Why does my picky dog love eating Canidae kibble?

Even picky dogs seem to love Canidae because of the irresistible smells and well-balanced, meaty taste. Canidae avoids artificial flavors or excess fillers that put picky dogs off their food.

What ingredients in Canidae food make dogs find it irresistible?

Quality protein sources like chicken, lamb, and fish create a savory, craveable flavor. Natural flavor enhancers like broths and digests add appetizing aroma.

How does Canidae achieve such delicious flavor that dogs can’t get enough of?

Careful cooking techniques seal in the flavor. Canidae also adds tasty toppings like freeze-dried meat to the kibble coating for extra flavor.

Why is my dog always excited to eat when I pour Canidae in his bowl?

The smell of meaty, flavor-packed Canidae kibble triggers your dog’s appetite. Canidae foods are designed to have intense aroma that dogs find exciting.

What does Canidae do differently with their recipes that makes dogs devour it?

Canidae optimizes their protein and fat content for flavor. They also limit grains and unnecessary carbs that may make food less palatable.

How does Canidae make their kibble so mouthwateringly good for dogs?

Meat and broth concentrates provide savory umami flavor. Natural prebiotics improve digestion to enhance flavor. Kibble is perfectly baked to preserve taste.

Why do the flavors and aromas of Canidae food appeal so much to canine tastebuds?

Canidae matches their recipes to dogs’ preferences for meaty, smelly, richly flavored food. The flavors and scents of their ingredients naturally attract dogs.

What properties of Canidae kibble make my dog lick his bowl clean after meals?

The highly palatable kibble coating and irresistible aromas of meat, broth, and natural flavors keep dogs interested in licking up every last morsel.

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