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The Teleportation Of The Throne Of Sheba video

The Teleportation Of The Throne Of Sheba

The Quran speaks to us regarding an incident which occurred at the time of Sulaiman AS when he asked if there was anyone who could bring him the throne of Sheba in record amount of time,
The Qur’an has referred to this incident as follows:

“Sulaiman (Soloman) said: Oh chiefs, who among you can bring me her throne, before they submissively come to me? A leader of the jinn replied: I will bring it to you, before you call this meeting to a halt. And I surely have power over it and am trustworthy. And one who had knowledge of Al-Kitaab said: I can bring it to you before you blink your eye. Then when he saw it lying beside him, he said: This is my Lord’s blessing on me” (Al Namal)

Now Scientifically it has been shown in experiments by Physicists that Teleportation can occur, Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) made a beam of light disappear in one place and reappear in another a short distance away.
The achievement confirms that in theory teleportation is possible, at least for sub-atomic particles, whether it can be done for larger systems, such as atoms, remains to be seen. However there is nothing in Science that forbids this so it still remains a Theory regarding the Teleportation of Matter, but it is possible, and so when the Quran speaks of this incident, then we can safely state Teleportation of The Throne Of Sheba is Theoretically possible.
Also the speaker states that this feat was done by a Jinn however according to many scholars it was a man who had the knowledge of the book and in Ibn Khathir’s Tafseer it is elaborated on that the person was Asif the scribe of Sulaiman AS who was a man if you look at the verse it states that first the Jinn stated he could bring the Throne before the meeting is over and then it goes on to state that one who had knowledge of the book, so it does not state the one with knowledge of the book was a Jinn but in many tafseer it is elaborated on as being a man And Allah knows best.

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