The world’s first airport powered by solar energy is in India’s Cochin.

The world’s first airport powered by solar energy is in India’s Cochin.

The world's first airport powered by solar energy is in India's Cochin.

The world’s first airport powered by solar energy is in India’s Cochin.

The Cochin International Airport in Kochi, Kerala is the first airport in the world to run entirely on solar energy, and it is anticipated that within 25 years this initiative will have prevented 300,000 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to 3 million trees being planted.

On August 18, 2015, Chief Minister Mr. Oommen Chandy officially opened the 12 MWp solar power plant, which consists of 46,150 solar panels spread out across 45 acres next to the cargo complex.

Now that the solar power plant at Cochin Airport is producing 50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity per day to be used for all of its operating needs, the airport is technically completely power neutral.

The construction of the Solar PV sector at Cochin International Airport (CIAL) began in March 2013 with the installation of a 100 kWp solar PV plant on the roof of the Arrival Terminal Block.

In the State of Kerala, this set the standard for grid-connected solar PV. M/s Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd., a company based in Kolkata, installed the facility. In this facility, five numbers of string inverters made by Refu-sol with a 20kW capacity each were employed with 400 numbers of 250Wp polycrystalline modules.

Following the successful commissioning of this plant, CIAL built a 1 MWp solar PV power plant in the Aircraft Maintenance Hangar facility on the grounds of the Airport, partially on the roof and partially on the ground.

The company Emvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd. installed this facility. This project, the first megawatt-scale installation of solar PV in the State of Kerala, employed 4000 monocrystalline modules of 250Wp along with 33 string inverters of 30kW capacity made by Delta.

A SCADA system is installed in these plants, allowing for remote monitoring. Since their inauguration, these facilities have prevented more than 550MT of CO2 emissions, aiding CIAL’s efforts to reduce environmental deterioration.

CIAL made the decision to build a larger scale 12MWp solar PV plant as part of its green ambitions after being encouraged by the performance of the aforementioned plants.

This was constructed in a 45-acre area next to the International Cargo facility. M/s Bosch Ltd. has been given the job. In an interview, Mr.V.J.Kurian IAS, the managing director of Cochin International Airport Ltd, stated that;

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