Best Urdu Totka for Ear Pain or Bleeding

If there is an Ear pain or bleeding, mix a few drops of this special substance in betel leaf juice and see the miracle.

In general, eating paan was a part of civilization and traditions in the past, but after time and research, paan was identified as a major cause of oral cancer, which led to a debate among people to stop its use. After that, due to the high cost of betel leaves, people who were addicted to eating betel leaves were put into the habit of gutka, which contained only the ingredients of betel leaves except betel leaves, which directly led to oral cancer.

Added more But regardless of all this discussion, here we will tell you some things regarding betel leaves which have gone backwards due to other components of betel leaves and common people also believe betel leaves to cause diseases. He began to understand the reason, while in reality the pan leaf has amazing properties.

Urdu Totka for Ear Pain or Bleeding

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According to researchers, betel leaf is an excellent antioxidant that helps the body to eliminate toxins and protect the body from major diseases. It does not even cause cancer, but the cause of cancer is the blister and calculus that cuts the skin of the mouth and causes a wound. Some benefits and ways of using betel leaves Today we will tell you-

1: In case of bleeding

Often, nosebleeds occur in hot weather or in dry weather. This usually happens to children, and many people pour very cold water on the child’s head to stop the bleeding. Due to the side effects, the child becomes very sick – If someone has a hemorrhage and the bleeding is not stopping, put a round betel leaf in his nose and make him lie with his head up for a while. The leaves have the property that it coagulates the blood, so within a short time the bleeding will stop.

2: In case of ear pain

People believe that earache is one of the worst pains a person can suffer from. Add the drops to one spoon of coconut oil, mix them both and put them in a dropper and with the help of this drop 3 to 4 drops in the ear, the pain will disappear immediately –

3: Removes urinary obstruction

Urination is one of the essential needs of the body, but sometimes due to an infection in the kidney or a disease, it becomes obstructed. Complaints of pain in the legs – for this add crushed fresh betel leaves to a glass of milk and strain them and drink it cold – it prevents the accumulation of excess water in the body and urine issues-

4: Betel leaf juice to relieve fatigue

Usually, in the middle of the day, office workers often become extremely tired and need tea or coffee to re-energize – but if they drink betel leaf juice. If you add a few drops of honey and drink it, it will not only make you feel fresh immediately, but also protect you from the side effects of tea and coffee.

5: Elimination of difficulty in breathing

People who are allergic to the change in weather typically experience problems such as wheezing, wheezing and breathing problems – which can also cause severe problems with infants. In such a situation, heat a betel leaf a little and apply mustard oil on it and place this unheated leaf on the chest and tie a bandage on top. Breathing will become easier. In case of discomfort, this process can be done two to three times a day.
Hope this information about betel leaf will be interesting for you.

Best Urdu Totka for Ear Pain or Bleeding Best Urdu Totka for Ear Pain or Bleeding Best Urdu Totka for Ear Pain or Bleeding