Miftah, Dar wash dirty linen in public

Former and present finance ministers have quite diverse perspectives on how to interact with the IMF.

ISLAMABAD: Due to a change in leadership in the Q Block, the public spat between former finance minister

 Miftah Ismail and his successor Ishaq Dar over the breaking of promises made to the International

Monetary Fund has once again increased dangers to Pakistan's economy.

For the second time in the last 1.5 years, the country's economic policy will shift dramatically as a result

of a change in the finance minister. Ismail is eager to fight back over his abrupt departure from Q Block, the location of the finance ministry,

Dr. Shaikh had been able to stabilise the economy, but he was unable to guarantee economic growth or control inflation.

 Shaukat Tarin, who succeeded him, entered office with a bang, opened the public purse to

attain "6% to 7% growth rate," assisted by the central bank's loose monetary policy, overseen by Dr. Reza Baqir