why is fortnite down Today 2022

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By performing a few simple activities that require little to no work, players may get free cosmetic goodies from the Fortnite birthday event.

The contestants must hurl birthday presents in order to accomplish a new task. Many players are already aware with birthday

presents because they were available during a few previous Fortnite birthday events. When utilised, the legendary items known as "birthday gifts"

produce a huge box full of riches. To conjunction with Fortnite second birthday celebration, Epic Games initially made the Legendary item accessible

given away are the Legendary SCAR, Pump Shotgun, and RPG. These birthday presents are even more amazing considering that loopers also get ammo and necessary medical supplies.

The first step to completing the new assignment is finding birthday gifts. This shouldn't be too difficult because they may be located in a number of locations, including floor treasure and chests.

These locations are popular landing destinations mostly because they include a significant amount of chests. As a result, your chances of finding Fortnite birthday presents are really great.

The birthday gifts must be picked up and placed on the ground once you have placed them in your inventory.

To achieve this, just choose the location where the birthday box will appear while holding down the fire button.

The reward for successfully completing the Fortnite birthday challenge is the Sparkle Cake Emoticon.