The Punjab government has decided to extend winter vacations in cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala until January 9 due to prevailing smog and adverse weather conditions in the region. The decision was made during a cabinet meeting chaired by the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi.

Responding to concerns from parents about the extreme cold conditions, the decision aims to ensure the safety and well-being of students. In response to numerous false reports circulating on social media over the past week, it is now officially confirmed that winter holidays, which began on December 18 in Punjab, will be prolonged until January 9.

An official notification from the Punjab government regarding the extension of winter vacations for 2024 will be issued soon. Parents and students can expect further details and guidelines in the upcoming notification to facilitate a smooth transition back to the academic routine.

Winter vacation extended in punjab 2024 notification

In the first phase, spanning from December 23, 2023, to January 6, 2024, a total of 24 districts will observe winter vacations for the specified educational institutions.

winter vacation in punjab 2024 official notification

The govt of the punjab officially announced holiday extension notification for all schools. Punjab has officially extended the winter vacation in 2024, as per the latest notification. This means that students and teachers will have additional time off during the winter break.

winter vacation extended in punjab 2024 notification

The official notification for the winter vacation in Punjab 2024 has been released according to government regulations. This notice is designed for easy comprehension by the general public and accurately outlines the duration of the winter holidays.

Winter vacation extended in punjab 2024 notification

Punjab Schools Winter Vacations Extended ?

The School Education Department is considering extending winter holidays by an additional week due to the harsh cold weather, according to information received on Wednesday.

Parents are urging for this extension, citing the severe weather conditions and dense morning fog. They anticipate that January is expected to become even colder.

Mark your calendars as the extended winter vacation in Punjab spans from December 15, 2024, to January 15, 2025.

Many private schools have already granted over a week of vacation and plan to resume classes on January 8. In line with this, parents are requesting that government school holidays be extended until January 7.

The Education Department has stated that a decision on extending the holidays will be made after consulting with the government.

punjab winter vacation extended

Punjab has prolonged its winter vacation, granting students and teachers additional time off. This extension brings extra days of relaxation and leisure during the winter break, allowing everyone to enjoy an extended and rejuvenating holiday.

official Notification Jhang

Winter vacation extended in punjab 2024 notification

Schools will remain closed from Dec 18 2023 to Jan 01 2024 for winter vacations according to official statement.

Winter Vacation 2023-24 in Punjab

It’s essential to note that these vacation dates exclusively apply to educational institutions and have been detailed in an official notification submitted to the Lahore High Court.

winter holidays Notification