Women’s Place in Society English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download

Women's Place in Society English Essay for 10th 12th class pdf download


“Lucky is the woman, whose first child is a daughter”.

(Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W)

Woman is the basic unit of society. A woman makes a family, family makes a home and homes makes a society. So, we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of women. We all know that without education, no development is possible. Here we have forgotten that the very first and best school of a child is its mother’s lap.

Man and woman have been rightly compared to the wheels of the same carriage. The carriage cannot move properly if one of the wheels is defective. So, Woman are an integral part of society. Their role in society and its progress cannot be undermined due to their less power and authority. They are created as a companion for men and men have to make her walk with them in the course of life.

“O fairest of creation! last and best Of all God’s works.”

The place and role of women has always been a matter of discussion. Some favour the freedom of women while others shun it. Other than debates and discussions it is now an admitted fact that the role of women in progress and prosperity of a society cannot be ignored in any way. Women have successfully performed every role assigned to them. Naturally, they are housewives but they have been leaders, doctors, social workers and educators. In modern times they are considered an inevitable part of social fabric.

“Women are the ornaments of society.”

Women never enjoyed the status and respect that they enjoy today. They are playing their due role in all walks of life. Men have only gradually acknowledged their contribution towards society. The concept of a male-dominant society is on the decline now. Women have proved that they are inferior to none.

Women had no respectable place in society before Islam came to their rescue. They were ill-treated and had no rights to education, economic independence and inheritance. They were considered the product of the devil. The new-born girls were buried alive. In Hindustan, they were even burnt alive with their dead husbands. Islam gave women respect and basic human rights. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.A.W) has said:

“Verily the paradise lies under the feet of your mother.”

Arabia, the origin of Islam, in pre-Islamic ages was wrapped all over in the blanket of evil deeds, wicked thoughts and immorality. Women were the most affected during that time. They were treated like animals. They were only used as toys and they were worse than slaves. The birth of a daughter was considered to be a matter of shame, and even a curse for her family. With the advent of Islam, the woman got the respect and status in the society that she ever deserved. In this respect, the Holy Quran says:

“Women have the same rights in relation to their husbands.”

And the Holy Quran also says:

“Treat them politely.”

In the Holy Quran, there are many places where Allah tells us about the importance of women in society. In short, Islam gives all rights to woman, which are necessary.

Today, Women are playing their role in different capacities. They enjoy better status now as daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. They have social, financial and matrimonial independence. They are no more confined to the four walls of their houses. They now fully participate in the social, political and economic development of the society.

The main responsibility of a woman is to preserve the human race. For this, she has to bear many hardships. She gives birth to children, feeds them and brings them up. It is quite true that great men have great mothers. The progress of a nation depends upon the way mothers bring up their children. If the women are educated the society is bound to progress and prosper. According to Hillary Clinton:

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the World.”

Women have always played an important role in the development of nations. In the early days of Islam, women worked side by side with men. The history of the Muslims is full of the names of women who were eminent scholars, poets and Sufis. They are also entitled to freedom of expression and to put forward their opinions on public, legislative and religious matters. In the battlefield, they nursed the injured, kept up the supplies and in certain cases, even fought bravely.

“Women are the real architects of society.”

History of mankind cannot overlook the names of the great women, who played a vital role in the betterment and progress of human society. The prominent figures like Hazrat Khadija (R.A), Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A), Hazrat Ayesha (R.A), Hazrat Zainab (S.A) and many others can undoubtedly be called the pride of womanhood. We also see the great characters like Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Margret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Dr. Ruth Pfau, Jane Addams, Jacinda Arden and Arfa Karim Randhawa and many more, whose services and sacrifices for humanity will be remembered and appreciated forever. They proved:

“Man endures pain an undeserved punishment; woman accepts it as a natural heritage”.

In order for a society to be a pure society, both men and women should think and behave in ways that allow pure society and actions to dominate the way of life and create a social climate conducive to the achievement of the real goal. Unfortunately, the history of place of women is not very pleasant. They have been man’s first slave. They have been the victims of terror and ill treatment. But with the passage of time, they have turned the tables and have compelled man to admit that God has blessed women with all the qualities, which a civilized society needs to flourish.

According to famous American writer Toni Morrison:

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission”.

The western countries have tremendously developed in all fields of life. Their education, their health departments, the departments of information technology are in the highest rankings. The reason is that they are educating and encouraging both sexes equally and discriminating none. The positive and constructive competition among men and women is leading them to massive development. They believe:

“If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same thing.”

As Pakistan is an Islamic state, the role of Pakistani women is defined and governed by Islamic laws and sanctions. She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife. She plays her roles with great responsibilities in the upbringing of a healthy solid society. It is a misconception that women have no independent identity. Rather, they have proved themselves more productive than men in many walks of life.

“Women are at the very root of our social life.”

Now, women are freely choosing careers for themselves and earning for themselves and their families. There are certain jobs which women can do more easily and more efficiently than men. They can be very useful and successful teachers, doctors and nurses. All this is because of education.

Napoleon very rightly said:

“Give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation.”

A woman without a man was considered a ship without sails. But the hard struggle of independence and self-respect has enabled women to prove that they can control the houses and even lead the nation in the hour of need. Now their role is not limited to teaching and nursing only, they are working in every sector of life, such as banking, finance, marketing, politics, defense and strategic planning. Mass education has enabled them to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

“You educate a man; you educate one man. You educate a woman; you educate a


Islam and the constitution of Pakistan have conferred upon women an enviable place. Women should not misunderstand and misuse the rights which are given to them. They should play their role wisely in the progress and prosperity of the country being good citizens as well. I believe that if Pakistani women are given the right platform, they will smoothly carry the nation towards development.

“whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history, a full share belongs to the woman-hood of the race.”