Best 3 Free Video Editing Programs

Best 3 Free Video Editing Programs

Everywhere you go, there are videos, and every great film needs a great video editor. Whether it’s a video on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Reels, or Twitter, every type of video needs a final cut from an editor to make it more professional. Here is a collection of free video editing programmes that you may use to give your video a professional appearance. However, we’ve tried to compile a list of the most practical, least intrusive solutions here, and to be honest, these 10 winners make it difficult to understand why anyone would pay for a full-priced video editing tool at all.


Window Video Editor


Windows Video Editor is the system-installed video editor for Windows, similar to iMovie for Apple. It was renamed after being completely redesigned for Windows 10 and was formerly known as Windows Movie Maker. Additionally, it can be all you require if you’re seeking for a quick approach to make straightforward modifications.

You can use the good 3D Effects section to add pre-made animations to your video to spice it up. Undoubtedly, it’s incredibly simple to use for beginners. We would therefore most highly recommend it to those looking to create quick presentations or slideshows of holiday photos using materials already on their computers.

DaVinci Resolve

You can tell DaVinci Resolve is built for filmmakers because software is produced by Blackmagic Design, which also creates a well-known series of video cameras. Even though it’s free, this feature-packed powerhouse genuinely competes with commercial products in terms of usefulness and variety.

In our assessment, we discovered that its colour grading features were unmatched, giving us complete control over how our videos appeared. The built-in audio mixing, VFX, and title-card-building modes all worked well, and we really adored its clever video stabilisation tool for when you have a shaky clip.


On all Apple products, this default video editing programme comes pre-installed for Mac users. Even though there are just two video tracks available for use, there is beauty in its simplicity because it is incredibly user-friendly and simple to get started. To rapidly make your video look professional, explore the app’s respectable collection of pre-set filters, transitions, and title options.

The editing toolkit is simple, but it includes all the essential features you could ever need, like clipping and chopping, colour correction, background noise reduction, and stabilisation for shaky footage. Because of the integration with iTunes, you can add sounds from the royalty-free audio and SFX collection or import tracks from your music library.

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