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Best Sketch Pens for Drawing in 2022

Best Sketch Pens for Drawing in 2022

Best Sketch Pens for Drawing in 2022

Drawing or sketching is the perfect representation of an idea for us artists. Before you go about a rant on this topic, let me tell you, “No, there aren’t anything called an imperfect or flawed sketch.”

There ARE better representations, sure. But there’s no imperfection in my opinion. Take doodling for example. It won’t tire you out even after an hour and you can only make it better as time goes by.

That is, “If” you have the right tools for the job. In this case, the “Right tool” is the pen we draw with. Trust me, you’d need the best pens for drawing, sketching or doodling to get your points across when the time comes. Not the crappy ones that stop and start on their own will.

A “Jammed” nib or a thin barrel can put your idea on halt and make a caricature out of it. That too, not a good one. The result? You’ll have to rush to the store and buy a new set all over again.

Different Types of Drawing, Sketching or Doodling Pens

If you’re new into the world of sketching and drawing, you’ll get lost in different brands and their products. Chances are, you’ll not find the product you’re looking for in months. That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Let’s get you out of the pit and talk about different types of these products. This way, you’ll know exactly what to look for and where before you end up buying one.

Type Casting on the Basis of Ink

When choosing sharpies or pens for sketching, you’ll have two primary types to deal with. There’ll be one set of products that use “Alcohol-based” inks. Other set of products will have “Water-based” inks. Both the types have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, you’ll have a fast-drying marker or pen when considering “Alcohol-based” ink for a product. The drawing or sketch won’t fade anytime soon. At the same time, they’ll cost you some extra bucks on the market. However, these pens may or may not work on several surfaces.

On top of that, Alcohol is not so subtle when it comes to showing reactions. It can react with certain paints, papers, and surfaces. There are products which claim to be odorless. Yet, you’ll need to check for yourselves or depend on trusted reviews to see if they carry a pungent scent with them or not.

On a positive note: This type of ink doesn’t bleed through the papers that often. You’ll have a clean drawing or doodle at hand at the very end of the job. That’s a guarantee.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have products that use “Water-Based” ink. This ink is water-resistant to some degree. It fades quicker when compared to alcohol. Yet, fading takes time to take effect. The concentration of this ink type is less than that of alcohol.

That’s why it’ll bleed through the surface. That’s if artists aren’t careful and use too much of the ink on thinner variety of papers.

Pens that use water ink should go well with watercolor painting. However, people should be careful about leaving no smudges on paper when wiping off the extra bit of ink. Most products come with blending pens for this specific reason.

Type Casting on The Basis of Nibs/Tips

Besides the ink types, you will have to deal with pens that have different diameters when it comes to nibs or tips as well. Normally, these pens range from .05mm to .8mm nibs. Some of the brands have that go up to 1mm or higher in nib size. Then there are “Brush Pens” as well.

I had to deal with multi-liners AND single-liners when it came to nibs. Multi-liners are pens which can draw multiple shapes and lines. They’ll either have two nibs at each end of the barrel or the existing nibs can be replaced with a bigger or smaller diameter nib.

Single-liner pens are less versatile but they do the job just the same. You’ll be able to use a pen for one type of lines only. Because there’s almost no tinkering with the nibs or barrels, the lifespan for these products are significantly higher than their “Multi-liner” counterparts.

The brush pens have their own criteria as well. These are generally used for doodling. You’ll have the “Small” and “Medium” brush size of Copic Multi-liner SP pens for example.

Best Pens for Drawing, Sketching or Doodling Reviews

With all the fuss about artist markers, doodle pens, and drawing ink depths…

This assorted list of markers/archival ink pens will help to bring the artist inside you to light. I hope you find your ideal companion among the products after reading these brief reviews of mine. Let’s jump into it.

Here are some best Sketch Pens in 2022

1. Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

2. Tombow 56171 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

3. HuhuHero Fineliner Color Sketch Pens

4. Faber-Castell F167100 Pitt Artist Pen Wallet

5. Staedtler Pigment Liner Bonus Sketch Pens



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