Choti Si Duniya Ptv Drama Full

Choti Si Duniya
A simple yet entertaining drama, which the whole family would enjoy!
Long Description
A villager saves the life of a foreigner and in return gets an invitation by the foreigner to accompany him back to his native country. Returning to his village after few years, he is fondly labeled as Janu German. Roaming around in a suit, Janu German, now has difficulty in re-adjusting to his village’s life style. At the end of the play he is challenged by one of the locals to a one-to-one competition to see who can speak better English, with hilarious results.
Yousuf Ali, Sakeena Sammo, Noor Muhammad Lashari, Anwar Saulangi, Salahuddin Tunio, Abida Ali, Aftab Alam, Roshan Ata, Qaiser Naqvi.
Directed By
Haroon Rind
Written By
Abdul Qadir Junejo

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