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Daily Hacking Attacks in Pakistan Number 900,000

Daily Hacking Attacks in Pakistan Number 900,000, Says Federal Minister

Daily Hacking Attacks in Pakistan Number 900,000

Daily Hacking Attacks in Pakistan Number 900,000, Says Federal Minister

Syed Aminul Haque, the federal minister for information technology, claimed that every day, more than 900,000 hacking attempts are made in Pakistan. The recent audio leaks, which included candid talks between high-ranking government officials, were examined by Pakistan’s National Security Committee, which demanded both an immediate inquiry and a revised judicial system. The recent audio leaks scenario has caused a sense of mistrust and panic to spread, forcing the government and national institutions to reconsider their approach to national security.

However, Pakistan does not yet have reputable companies like Mandiant that could provide security warnings, identify regional risks, and have frontline expertise in threat intelligence. Small, dispersed islands of genius are functioning in isolation, with little communication or collaboration between them.

Government and official websites are frequently hacked on a global scale. For instance, take the well-known Colonial Pipeline hack from 2021, a ransomware assault that took 100 gigabytes of data in just two hours and shut down a significant gas pipeline in the US. The corporation was forced to pay a ransom of 75 bitcoins ($4.4 million) to a group of hackers going by the name of “DarkSide” after President Joe Biden declared an emergency.

In this regard, Singapore, a nation that establishes a licencing structure for cybersecurity service providers, might offer guidance to our Ministry of IT. The Cybersecurity Services Regulation Office (CSRO), which is divided into penetration testing and security-operations centre monitoring service providers, promotes communication between the sector and the general public on training in accordance with a new certification programme.

There have been several high-profile audio leaks in recent weeks, and the hacker promised even more. These leaks revealed policy-related conversations that the cabinet and other senior government officials had in the prime minister’s office.

The audio recordings that have been made public, according to Open Source Intelligence Insider (@OSINT Insider on Twitter), are a compilation of conversations that lasted 140 hours and contained 100 8 GB files. Since August 20th, the whole collection of recordings has been for sale, asking $3.45 million. Additionally, the calls made from the PM House were not secure, according to @OSINT Insider.

This prompts a lot of inquiries. Foreign dignitaries would be reluctant to speak at the PM House while in Pakistan. Before saying anything delicate, they will pause. They will a hundred times ponder the possibility that these chats are being taped.


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